Current Service Trip Information

Winter Break Trips (Feb. 28-March 8)

“Messy Mississippi River Clean Up”
Topic(s): Environmental Awareness/Sustainability
Leaders: Angela Zook (’16) & Jamie Harrings (’16)
Advisor: Simon Sager
In Memphis, TN the Mississippi flows through, kind of. It is one of the most trash-laden areas of the Mississippi and there have been efforts to reduce the trash. We will be leading a group down to work with Living Lands and Waters to clean up the shoreline and islands of the Mississippi in Memphis to restore the aesthetically pleasing landscape and to help with the environmental conservation there.

“Flood Relief in Colorado”
Topic(s): Natural Disaster Relief
Leaders: Nicole Ballah (’16) & Mullohoji Juraev (‘15)
Advisor: TBD
We will be working with the community of Glen Haven, Colorado, which suffered from a devastating flood in September 2013. During this trip, we will focus on helping to restore this community. We plan to work with the Glen Haven Volunteer Fire Department in assisting with flood relief work.

“Be the Difference in East St. Louis”
Topic(s): Homelessness, Poverty
Leaders: Anna Askegaard (‘17) & Tawanda Murinda (‘15)
Adviser: Pastor Ramona
East St. Louis was once a blooming industrial city; lately however, it has been a city suffering from the loss of jobs causing high rates of poverty and homelessness. The participants on this service trip will be volunteering with an organization working to pull East St. Louis out of poverty and homelessness through the use of their various programs. These programs include, working in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and various other opportunities.  

“Break A Difference”
Topic(s): Homelessness, Poverty
Leaders: Ellie Oberheu (’16) & Adam Anderson (‘17)
Adviser: TBD
We will be going to Baltimore, Maryland for spring break. We will be working with the homeless population, through various acts. We will be supporting the local food bank, homeless shelters, and other agencies that work with homelessness. Break a difference is partnered with United Way and offers this opportunity to many other colleges. It will be very likely we will be working with other college students for different universities.

“Caring for Kids in East St. Louis, IL” 
Topic(s): Youth Development, Education
Leaders: Selasi Ametewee
Adviser: Ieshia Brown and Ruth Tibbott
The Christian Activities Center was formed by a group of Baptist fellowships united to form ministry partnerships in East St. Louis. As participants, we will be providing hands-on work with children giving them and us the chance to grow in education and ministry. During our time there, we will have the opportunity to tutor kids and organize programs that encourage holistic growth and nurturing opportunities to families in East St. Louis, Illinois. We will also have the awesome privilege of experiencing CAC’s child-led church!

“Students UKnight for Service”
Topic(s): TBD
Leaders: Dylan Edeker (‘17) & Sophia Corpstein (‘16)
Adviser: Tony Smith
(No description yet)

Topic(s): Women’s Rights, Human Trafficking
Leaders: April Magneson & Sabrina Sieg
Adviser: TBD
No description-hopefully out in Pittsburg, PA

Tour Week Trips (April 19-26)

“Serving Our Rock(y Mountains)”
Leaders: Andrew Richlen ‘17
Issues: Homelessness, Poverty, Hunger

We will be serving God by partnering with a nonprofit organization in Denver, Colorado called Denver Urban Ministries. The organization strives to spark hope into those that are in great need in the surrounding Denver area. We will be spending the week volunteering at many of the organization’s nonprofit partners in the area by serving meals to the homeless, improving low-income housing, working with children whose families are economically disadvantaged and many other opportunities.

"The Therapeutic Role of Caring Community"
Leaders: Matt Gruemmer ‘15 and Marcus Schmidt ‘15
Issue: Community Building

This Tour Week Trip will be traveling to perform service in rural West Virginia. We plan to work with local community and church groups in the Mount Hope region of the state, near the Summit Betchel Scouting Reserve of the Boy Scouts of America. We also have plans to volunteer at the Gesundheit Institute created by "Patch" Adams to discover how fun and community-building can actually be therapeutic to those with health conditions. We also take our work as serious as our play in order to keep our work as fun as our play! Join us if you’re serious about a fun volunteer experience.

“Walk With Them”
Leaders: Jenny Kuennan ’17 and Michael Bowden ‘17
Issue: Homelessness and Poverty

It is stereotypical to think of Los Angeles as a place to see famous movie stars and musicians; throughout this Service trip we hope to change that perspective. During this mission our group will be working with the organization CSM (Center for Student Missions) and will be working hands on with the homeless in the “Skid Row” community. CSM is also a Christian organization strongly committed to their faith so be prepared for prayer and small group talks. Los Angeles is also a place of poverty, unemployment, violence, substance abuse, and a place where housing is not as affordable. Come help those effected by this and see into situations normally overlooked to change your perspective.

“Finest in the East or WEST”
Leaders: Tawanda Murinda ‘15 and Sara Shadid ‘15
Issue: Homelessness, Education

We will be working with the Oregon Coast Community Action (ORCCA) which is an organization that works to feed, house, warm, and educate communities in Oregon. ORCCA also works with children programs and emergency services. We will be working with a variety of different organizations through ORCCA. Experience life in the West cost while serving others. 

“Home for a Family, Memories for a Lifetime”
Leaders: Keegan Birkicht ’15 and Olivia Barnes ‘15
Issue: Homelessness

Habitat for Humanity volunteers are "critical to helping build homes, change lives, and transform the community." We will help to reduce homelessness in Wilmington, North Carolina by assisting in the build of affordable housing. Join us over Tour Week to make a difference on the East Coast!