Service Trip Executive Board

Wartburg Service Trips is a student program led by a six member executive team (e-board) with oversight from staff in the Center for Community Engagement. Service trips are a team effort, and only with every executive, leader, advisor, and participant working together will our goal of providing meaningful service opportunities be realized.  As Sister Marge, one of our Community Partners in East St. Louis, has often recited to Wartburg students, we stand upon the shoulders of all those who have come before us. The E-board structure is what it is today because of all the past board members that came before us.

Specifically, executive board members:

  • Assist with planning and facilitating meetings and training of leaders, advisors and participants.
  • Meet regularly with staff from the Center for Community Engagement.
  • Coordinate selection of trip leaders and sites, advisors and participants.
  • Provide input on policy changes and overall operation.
  • Provide motivation and promote participation in service trips.

2013-14 Executive Board Members:

Jenna Manders – Service Trip Director
Kaitlin McElroy – Budget Coordinator
Haley Rudd – Promotional Coordinator
Chantal Knepper – Advisor Liaison
Jamie Harrings – Fundraising Coordinator

Advisor: Kristin Teig Torres
Assistant Director, CCE
Service-Learning Coordinator
Phone: 319-352-8709


For additional educational resources, please visit the service trip library guide: