Advisors play the important role in our program and we couldn't do what we do with out the dedication of these individuals. Watch the becoming an advisor video.

Why we need advisors? 

Faculty/Staff trip advisors serve as supportive and engaged learning partners. The trip leaders will take care of planning the trip, corresponding with the community partner, coordinating fundraising, organizing and planning group meetings as well as developing and facilitating reflection opportunities. The advisor’s role is to assist in this process and be a resource to the leaders. 

The benefits of serving as a Faculty/Staff Advisor are:

  • Traveling with students and participating in an extended off campus community service experience.
  • Engaging in small group interaction with students from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines, and interest areas across campus.
  • Having the opportunity to share personal expertise or research interest with a group of students.
  • The opportunity to engage students in hands on learning about a social justice issue.
  • It’s free! Trip expenses (including transportation and lodging) are covered through student fundraising.

The three primary responsibilities of an Advisor are:

  • To model engagement and learning through participation in reflection, research and preparation for the experience.
  • To oversee logistical preparations for the trip and manage risks
  • To assist in the management of the budget and handling of monies while on the trip

.What's required?

  • Advisors are typically Wartburg Faculty or Staff
  • Must be able to commit to one advisor meeting and at least three pre-trip planning meetings
  • Approval from current supervisor (No PTO is used, see PTO Policy)
  • A fun attitude an willingness to support students along the way!

What to expect?

Interested in Advising?

Making it official:

Once you have committed to advising a service trip, please download and sign the Advisor Information and Guidelines Form. You will also need to seek the signature of your supervisor or academic dean. Once completed, send electronically to