Project RESPECT Member Allies
For Prospective Students

Quotes from Allies

"Allies are dedicated to open and honest communication about issues that concern us all without fear of reprisal or rejection. Being an Ally truly is a way for me to live a life of leadership and service as a spirited expression of my faith."

- Dr. Penni Pier
Communication Arts

"I am an ally because my faith teaches me to honor the dignity of every human and to treat each with compassion."

- Dr. Brian Jones
Religion Department

"I thought the training very important since it created a space for people to meet others with the same passion for justice about this issue."

- Jette Odgaard Irgens
Inquiry Studies

NOTE: These are the allies who agreed to have their names listed on the Web site.

Dr. Kathy Book, Education
Dr. Chip Bouzard, Religion
Rev. Ramonda Bouzard, Dean of Chapel
Kim Folkers
, Business
Dr. William Earl, Communication Arts
Jill Gremmels, Library
Dr. Brian Jones, Religion
Dr. Judith Jones, Religion
Karen Lehmann, Vogel Library
Dr. TyAnn Lindell, Academic Affairs
Dr. Penni Pier, Communication Arts
Rev. Larry Trachte, Retired
Dr. Susan Vallem, Social Work
Dr. Janice Wade, Music

Jeff Beck, Alumni Relations
Brian Beckstrom, Pastor
Bonnie Briggs, Retired
Kristen Briner, Student Center
Wesley Brooks, Residential Life
Carla Coates, Pathways
Myrna Culbertson, Artist Series
Mary Dorman, ITS
Dr. Vicki Edelnant, Pathways
Amanda Ellson, Athletics
Elizabeth Goskesen, Residential Life
Susan Higdon, ITS
Jette Irgens, Pathways
Jane Juchems, Human Resources
Allison Juhl, Residential Life
Chris Knudson, Admissions
MaryBeth Koberna, CCE
Tim KoBerna, Athletics
Jim Langel, The W
Susan Lenius, Security and Pathways
Krystal Madlock, Diversity Programs
Wendy Mohls, Student Life
Stephanie Newsom, Counseling
Rich Seggerman, Business Office
Monica Severson, Athletics
Dr. Lex Smith, Retired Student Life
Derek Solheim, Pathways
Ben Stadler-Ammon, Admissions
Lois Trachte, Retired Pastor
Matt Tyler, Athletics
Jennifer Walker, Athletics
Angela Weekley, Admissions
Molly Wertz, Counseling Center
Gary Wipperman, ITS
Dawn Woods, Maintenance

Skyler Ahrens '11
Emily Braem '11
Maria Casas '11
Kim Duong '11
Annie Fangman '11
Jared Gabel '11
Abbey Hempen '11
Jolynn Herrick '11
Sarah Hoffmann '11
Stephen Huff '11
Rebecca Lewis '11
John Mallen '11
Isaac Slings '11
Lacey Stonehocker '11

Matt Wickert '11
Katie Zittergruen '11
Abbie Baker '12
Amber Bauer '12
Nicole Beer '12
Kaitlyn Carlson '12
Bibek Chand '12
Pam Degener '12

Lynn Heitkamp '12
Lauren Hills '12
Payton Huinker '12
Leanna Jenkins '12
Paige Klostermann '12
Mike Koehler '12
Kendra Kregel '12
Meganne McMurray '12
Britlyn Sieck '12
Emily Timmermans '12
Kathryn Wendt '12
Walker Wilson '12
Jenna Buhr '13

Jenny Dallenbach '13
Ryan Doty '13
Danielle Goodwin '13
Torrence Harris '13
Keelan Moore '13
Ross Naylor '13
Janelle Schneiderman '13
Jason Shupp '13
Marie Sorenson '13
Reese Thompson '13
Megan Dunn '14

Amber Jungjohann  '14
Renata Brysch
Jacey Hever

Brittany Mellay

Lori Tlach
Christina VandeHoef

Debbe Baker

Rev. Maureen Doherty, St. Andrews

Stephanie Carroll '10
Austin Cole '10

Drew Crawford '10
Stephanie Evans '10
Jon Farrell '10
Jenny Kordick '10
Hannah Millett '10
Heath Rost '10
Tracy Steffen '10
Jarrett Williams '10
Sydni Williams '10
Erika Youngberg '10
Robert Acosta '09
Laura Baker '09
Claudio D’Amato '09
Sarah Dentlinger '09
Brent Dodd '09
Mayra Garza '09
Heidi Hanson '08
Tim Holub '09
Nsia Kileo '09
Julie Mund '09
Liz Fernstrum '09
Sarah Frazell '09
Jessica Knutson '09
Dani Parshall '09
Duane Trimble '09
Megan Reedstrom '09
Sneha Pradhan '08
Jessica Renken '08
Ashley Richards '08
Meghan Smith '08
Allison Strothers '08

Leo Sweeting '08
Sara Jane Jones '08
Jessi LeClear '08
Katie LeGrand '08
Laura Grevas '08
Susie McArdle '08
Jess Archer '08
Rocio Ayard '08
Kayla Becker '08
Sushant Dhakal '08
Matt Dittmer '08
Cody Eklov '08
Amanda Hewitt '08
Tanya Kearns '08
Trenna Kusick '08
Jessi LeClear '08
Jenna Miner '08
Nate Palmolea '08
Katie Phillips '08
Blythe Polito '08

Jeanette Bidne '07

Amanda Boman '07
Andrea Borchardt '07
Shireen Cave '07
Erica Finken '07
Lydia Ann Ford '07
Mark Forsyth '07
Mary Hetrick '07
Vern Klobassa '07
Erin Kruger '07
Katie Pals '07
Matt Popowski '07
Megan Roland '07
Erin Wright '07

Tyler Vachta '07
Francesca Yaklin '07
Tyler Ferrie '08
Amy Anderson '06
Emily Dieker '06
Ashleigh Dowell '06
Ashley Jessick '06
Lyndsay Legel '06
Angela Ohrt '06
Tony Raymer '06
Angela Schoening '06
Jessica Swanson '06
Jennifer Van Bebber '06
Brett Monnard '06
Emily Dieker '06
Kellie Kelck '05
Jacob Rapp '05
Wyatt Sheeder '05

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