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The purpose of the Project RESPECT (a Safe Zone program) is to create a safe environment for ALL members of the Wartburg community, regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, gender expression, socio-economic, age or ability. The project is open to all staff, faculty and students who wish to model support, acceptance and inclusion of all people. Participants in this program will volunteer to be visible allies and receive training to be an effective resource for their workplace and classroom.

Why do we need Project RESPECT?
Faculty, staff, and student allies are trained and committed to creating spaces where all people are safe to be who they are, ask the questions they need to ask and be welcomed and affirmed in this process. Whether it is by being someone who provides support for things that are typical of most young adults, specific concerns, or more intentional support allies provide a critical role in forming a culture that truly challenges and nurtures all students.

All participants in the Wartburg College Project RESPECT will receive an emblem to display.

The Vogel Library has numerous resources dealing with LGBT education, women's rights and civil rights.

Sessions Offered:
Look in the Page or other Campus Media for dates and times of scheduled training sessions.

Upcoming RESPECT 101
Introduction to expectation of being an ally
to oppressed groups

Upcoming RESPECT 201 (Advanced)
Learn more specific ways to be an advocate
and ally in creating acceptance and inclusion
of all people