Living on Campus - Current Students
Housing Assignments

Returning students are able to pick their housing assignments and roommates during the spring for the following academic year. There are numerous housing options available at Wartburg but students are encouraged to have back up plans when entering into the Housing Lottery Process.

Off Campus Information

All full-time students must live on campus. Representatives of the Off-Campus Review Committee review all submitted applications for off-campus approval.

Criteria that is heavily considered include the student being married, having dependents, living with a parent or legal guardian within 30 miles of the campus, is 23 years old by September, 1 or has applied and received a special exemption from the Off-Campus Housing Review Committee which is extremely rare.

Students who move off campus without permission will continue to be charged for campus room and board. Students should plan on living on campus the entire duration of their Wartburg education.

Students who wish to apply to live Off Campus can do so by filling out a form. Forms are available after January 1 for the following academic year and can be found in the Residential Life Office.

Contracts and Cost

Students are mailed a Housing and Dining Contract before the beginning of each academic year. Although students are encouraged to sign and return the contracts upon checking in to their Residence Hall the contracts are binding once a student has moved in, with or without their signature.

MicroFridge Program

Wartburg College partners with to offer students a MicroFridge rental program. The MicroFridge combines a full refrigerator, freezer, and microwave into one unit, maximizing room space and simplifying the moving process. Order at before the deadline to have a MicroFridge on campus on move-in day.

Wartburg West and Venture Education

Wartburg students are encouraged to study away and the office of Residential Life does everything they can to insure you have the housing you desire before you leave for your study away experience, or once you return back to campus.

Students who are gone during the Fall Semester do not sign up for housing during housing selection. Students who are gone during the Winter semester do sign up for housing. The office of Residential Life will coordinate a social for all Wartburg West and Venture Education students so they can coordinate with a student who is gone the opposite semester for housing.

This system is not “fail proof” but, by in large, students will know where they will be staying on when they return to campus.

Living-Learning Communities

During a student’s second, third and fourth year at Wartburg they have the opportunity to apply to live in Löhe Hall or The Residence and be part of a living-learning community.

Students in Löhe hall are housed in 4, 6 or 8 person suites and complete a yearlong educational project that enhances their time together and the education of the Wartburg Community. Past Projects have included: Women’s Health Issues; The Reality of Sexuality; Public Awareness of Diverse Human Disorders; AIDS at home and around the world; The many sides to adoption and foster care; Take a look, it’s in a book; A celebration of cultures through holidays.

Students who want a more service-focused experience can submit a proposal to live in The Residence. Students in the Residence are housed in 8-person suites. Past Res Service projects have included: Sustainability at Wartburg; Big Brothers, Big Sisters; Bremwood Volunteers; After School Program Coordinators; Bartels Volunteers; Cedar Valley Friends of the Family.

Applications are available early in the fall semester and all decisions are made before students leave for Christmas Break of the year prior to residing in the Residence or Löhe.

Summer Housing

Taking summer classes? Working on campus or working in Waverly and need a place to live? As long as you are enrolled in SUMMER 2015 or FALL 2015 classes, you can apply to live on campus. To apply to live on campus for the summer of 2015 you need to complete the application form at the bottom of the PDF below no later than Thursday May 14, 2015.

Break Housing
Residence Halls close for Christmas Break, Winter Break, and Tour week. Only students with verified reasons to stay such as college athletics, college “student employment”, students who live more than 500 miles away or for academic reasons are allowed to stay.  All students staying, regardless of reasons must fill out the necessary electronic documents when available.  Cost of staying on campus during breaks will be $15 per day or $50 per week.

Health and Safety Inspections
Residential Life staff will conduct monthly health and safety inspections in the Manors, Knights Village and the Residence where students are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms and kitchens. Residential Life staff will conducted mid semester health and safety inspections on all rooms on campus.