Learning in the Halls

Wartburg prides itself on being a four year residential institution and the Residence Life staff works hard to bring educational opportunities into the halls for their students.

In Clinton and the Centennial Complex students are encouraged to use the Academic Resource Center (ARC) which is open weekday nights. Staffed by upper-class students trained in academic support, the ARC is a great resource for students looking for study tips, exam prep help or someone to read over a draft of a paper.

The ARC will host an academic incentive program throughout the year to reward individual students and floors for their good grades and academic dedication! Check this link for ARC hours.


In all of the Residence Halls at Wartburg, Resident Assistants (RAs) and Residence Hall Directors (RHDs) plan educational programs based off of Wartburg’s four pillars (Leadership, Service, Faith and Learning). In addition to the educational programs that occur, RAs also plan floor meetings and community- building activities. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in these activities and to work with their RA or RHD if they have ideas for programs they would like to see in the halls!

Students are welcome to attend programs across campus. For an up-to-date list of programs, check out our Facebook page or our programming pamphlet.

The Residence Service Projects

Students who reside in The Residence complete a yearlong service project of their choice along with the other seven people in their suite! Students in the Residence have an advisor and complete monthly hour logs.

More information on the Residence Projects:

  • Applications were due in November. Applications for 2015-16 will be available in October.

Löhe Educational Projects

Students who reside in Löhe complete a yearlong educational project that they design along with their suitemates. There are 3, 4, 6 and 8 person suites in Löhe as well as a few single rooms.

More information on Löhe Projects:

  • Applications were due in November. Applications for 2015-16 will be available in October.