Incoming Students

Frequently Asked Questions
Want to know what to bring to campus, where you park, live, eat and sleep? 
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Housing Assignments
New incoming students receive a housing application card with their official notice of acceptance to Wartburg.  They indicate hall and roommate preferences on the card and return it with a $250 deposit.  Housing assignments are based on two factors:  the date the housing application card and deposit are received and living-environment preferences. 

All incoming students are assigned a roommate or roommates.  The Office of Residential Life uses preferences on the housing application card to match students with compatible interests and lifestyles.  Students who wish to live with a specific person should note this request on the housing card.  The request must be mutual in order to be granted.  Students may also request an international student as a roommate.  We suggest that friends from the same high school or siblings not room together.  Students are notified of their housing assignments in late July or early August. 

Returning students have the opportunity to select a room and roommate for the upcoming academic year during the spring.  Instructions for reserving a room are distributed to enrolled students during the Winter Term.

Loft Standards
A loft is defined as an elevated sleeping area constructed of wood or steel that is securely fastened into a single unit. Lofts may be constructed in Clinton, the Centennial Complex and the Waverly and Afton Manors. Lofts MAY NOT BE constructed in Grossmann, Löhe, the Residence, Knights Village or Founders.
Lofts must conform to the following guidelines:
  1. Lofts must be free-standing and not attached to the wall, ceiling or floor.
  2. Lofts must be placed against a windowless wall and not constructed across an exit.
  3. Lofts must maintain a distance of 30 inches from the ceiling for fire and smoke safety purposes.
  4. Lofts must be constructed using nuts and bolts or screws rather than nails.
  5. Existing bedsprings and mattresses must be incorporated into the loft design.
  6. Decorative coverings, tapestries, lights, fans, etc. may not be suspended from the loft or bunk.
  7. Ladders are encouraged so that a student can safely get in and out of the loft. College furniture should not be used as a “step stool”, nor as a support for loft construction
  8. Lofts must be complete dismantled and removed from the halls at the end of the academic year. Storage space is not provided for lofts.
  9. Original bed frames must be reassembled prior to check out.
  10. Students are responsible for any damage caused by the loft.
  11. All college owned furniture must remain in the room.

The college will not take responsibility for the students safety while the loft is in the room. Removal and/or damage charges will be assessed to those who do not follow the stated requirements.

Linens Program 
Order everything for your residence hall room through RHL.
Proceeds benefit Wartburg Service Trips.

MicroFridge Program
Wartburg College partners with to offer students a MicroFridge rental program. The MicroFridge combines a full refrigerator, freezer, and microwave into one unit, maximizing room space and simplifying the moving process. Order at before the deadline to have a MicroFridge on campus on move-in day.

Living Learning Communities

Scholars Program

First-years live with other incoming Scholars in Clinton Hall as part of a living/learning community during the first year.

IS 101 Living Learning Community
Select sections of IS 101 participate in living learning communities. Ask for more information at SOAR when you sign up for your IS 101 course.