Transfer Procedures

Students transferring into Wartburg must submit final transcripts from all institutions previously attended. International student transfers may need to submit transcript translations. Transfer credit evaluations are processed by the Assistant Registrar.

While students are enrolled at Wartburg, they may receive credit for courses taken at other institutions. To do this, students must fill out a form found in the Registrar's Office. This form includes the institution at which the course will be taken, the corresponding course at Wartburg, and the number of credits for the course. Once this information is complete, the form should be returned to the Registrar's Office. If the course is part of the student's general education, the Assistant Registrar must approve the course. Otherwise, the appropriate department chair needs to approve the course.

Most other institutions are on a semester hour system for credits. Wartburg, however, operates on a course credit system. Therefore, students need to consider the equivalency of the semester hours taken. A few institutions are on a quarter hour system, which also needs to be considered when transferring credits.

According to Wartburg policy, seven of the last nine courses counting toward a degree must be taken at Wartburg.




  Transfer Equivalencies:
- Des Moines Area Community College (PDF)
- Hawkeye Community College (PDF)
- Kirkwood Community College (PDF)
- North Iowa Area Community College (PDF)
- Northeast Iowa Community College (PDF)
KEY: CC - Course Credit; SH - Semester Hours; QH - Quarter Hours