Placement Information

(Classes of 2005-2014 placement data)

  • Medicine-104 of 118 applicants (88%); accepted into M.D. program at Iowa, Creighton, Johns Hopkins, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, N. Dakota, Penn State, St. Louis, Wisconsin-Madison, American U. of the Caribbean, Charles U. in Prague, U College Cork (Ireland); and into D.O. programs at DMU, A.T. Still, Kansas City, Lake Erie, Midwestern, Rocky Vista (Colorado).
  • Dentistry-25 of 30 (83%); accepted into Iowa, Case Western Reserve, and Minnesota
  • Optometry-19 of 20 (95%); accepted into Illinois, Indiana, Missouri (St Louis), Nova Southeastern, Southern (Memphis)
  • Veterinary Medicine-14 of 15 (93%); accepted into Iowa State and Colorado State
  • Physical Therapy-49 of 56 (87.5%); accepted into DMU, Iowa, A.T. Still (Arizona), Clarke, Creighton, Emory, Rosalind Franklin, St. Ambrose, Utah
  • Occupational Therapy-12 of 13 (92%); accepted into St. Ambrose, St Mary (Minnesota), Concordia (Wisconsin), Creighton, Grand Valley State (Michigan), Milligan, Rockhurst, St. Catherine, Washington U, Wisconsin-Madison
  • Pharmacy-17 of 17 (100%); accepted into Iowa, Illinois, Midwestern, Minnesota, Nova Southeastern, Wisconsin-Madison
  • Physician Assistant-13 of 16 (81%); accepted into DMU, Iowa, Marquette, Union (Nebraska)
  • Nursing-63 of 63 (100%); Allen College (45 into accelerated BSN, most after 3 years at Wartburg), Clarke, Creighton, DePaul U, Grandview, Iowa, Mercy College (Des Moines), S Dakota State, U Sioux Falls, Tennessee-Knoxville
  • Medical/Clinical Laboratory Science-9 of 9 (100%); accepted into Allen College, Mayo, Mercy College (Des Moines), St. Luke's (Cedar Rapids), University of Iowa
  • Chiropractic Medicine-19 of 19 (100%); accepted into Palmer, Life, Logan, and Northwestern

Graduate School

  • Graduate study in biological programs (approximately 50 in last 10 years): Iowa, Iowa State, UNI, DMU, Creighton, Illinois-Chicago, Indiana, Lincoln (Missouri), Midwestern, Minnesota, Nebraska-Omaha, N. Carolina State, Northwestern, Rosalind Franklin, St Scholastica, Texas A&M, Virginia Commonwealth, Wisconsin-Madison, Edinburgh-Scotland
  • Graduate study in public health (approximately 12 in last 10 years): Iowa, Boston U, Loma Linda, Nebraska, Nova, Western Kentucky, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Washington University

Biology Secondary Education-26 of 27 (96%) applicants employed in full-time teaching positions their first year after graduation