Summer WRSL

The WRSL will be online this summer 
from June 5–August 8

  • In order to access the summer WRSL – you must sign up for an appointment on genbook, found on the WRSL website.
  • If you do not have a Gmail account – you need to create one:
  1. Log into your Gmail account – click on “Documents”  located at the top of the page
  2. Upload document or create one in Google Docs
  3.  Open document
  4. Share document with  /see top right corner
  5. Google Docs will automatically send sharing alert – don’t change this setting.
  6. Please let us know via genbook’ s “additional information” box if your Gmail does not let us identify you – we need to be able to match shared document with your genbook appointment.
  7. Once it is time for your appointment (scheduled on genbook) you open up the document and you will see that Summer Wartburg is online - to open Chat box you click on the colored square next to“1 other viewer” /top right corner.
  8. You will communicate with the consultant, “Summer Wartburg” via the chat box – and using the colored cursor – simply locate the cursor at the part you want to point out, the consultant will do the same.
  9. The consultation will  be 30 minutes

For all four years of a student's attendance, a detailed report of every conference is kept in a personal file. In addition to the paper record, every conference is recorded on a computer file.

Demographic information is kept on all clients. This allows the WRSL to track such items as the number of ESL students using the lab, the number of students from various majors using our services, and the percentage of usage by upper- and under-classmen.

Nominate Student to WRSL
To nominate a student to become a staff member of the Writing, Reading, Speaking Lab, e-mail or call Jette Irgens (ext. 8410).