Parents FAQs

What resources are there if my student is struggling academically?
The Pathways Center in the Vogel Library can provide resources and advice to help your student get back on track.

Why can't I get my student's grades or passwords?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Therefore, it is illegal for Wartburg to give out such information.

How do I know if my student is behaving responsibly?
Wartburg students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature fashion and respect the rights of other students. Because the college community encourages self-discipline to promote responsibility, parents are rarely asked to be involved with situations unless they are deemed necessary. Click here to view the student handbook, which includes policies and resources.

How do I make sure I am giving my student enough room to grow?
As a parent you have spent the last 18 or more years looking out for your student which is great, but the college years is an important time for your student to grow.  This can include letting them figure some things out on their own.  Walking the fine line between being there to support your student vs. stepping in to do things for them can be tricky sometimes.  You can take this quiz to see how you are doing.

How do I know that my student is safe?
The Campus Safety and Security Office provides information about the safety of the Wartburg campus on its Web site.

What if my student is considering an internship?
Tell your student to visit the Center for Community Engagement for assistance in setting up an internship.

What resources are available to help my student in the job search process?
Career Services in the Pathways Center can help your student explore career and major goals, construct a resume and credential file, and job search strategies.

What if my student wants to go to graduate school?
Send your student to the Pathways Center for advice when looking at graduate and professional schools.

What if my student is considering changing majors or adding a major or minor?
Send your student to the Pathways Center for advising and resources. Also, they can check out the various academic programs through the Web site.