Posting Policies
  • All Wartburg College students, faculty and staff are able to hang posters, at the discretion of the Marketing & Communications Office. If posters are produced by Marketing & Communications, approval is implied. Student organizations will continue to bring posters to the Office of Campus Programming for approval.
  • Student organization posters must be approved by the Office of Student Life – each poster will be submitted with a sheet stating what the event is, who is putting it on and the name, email and cell phone of the person requesting permission (see attached). You should allow 2 business days for the approval. You will be contacted when the poster is approved by the Director of Campus Programming. It is strongly recommended you print one poster for approval and then bring in the rest for stamping.
  • All posters must include the organization sponsoring the activity as well as the date, time, and location of the activity.
  • Wartburg College prohibits advertising that promotes the sale or irresponsible use of alcohol (such as drink specials) and the sponsorship of alcoholic beverages.
  • A maximum of 20 posters total will be allowed in academic buildings and 20 total in residence halls.
  • Signs CANNOT be posted on walls, windows or doors.
  • Posting is limited to public bulletin boards, display cases, and other areas specifically designated by the Office of Student Life or Marketing and Communications. Please note you are not allowed to post in the Student Center bathrooms and need permission for the Residence Hall bathrooms.
  • In the Student Center, Luther Hall, and Whitehouse Business Center there is no posting allowed except on public bulletin boards. Posters placed on seats, benches or ledges will be removed.
  • For posting in the residence halls, you must obtain approval from the Office of Student Life, noted by the stamp and signature of the Director of Campus Programming or designee.
  • Public bulletin boards are available for posting in academic buildings. Posting on department bulletin boards, building doors, and faculty offices is not allowed.
  • Banners – reservations can be made to hang large posters on the stairs to the Mensa. Please make reservations with Jean Buckingham at or x8286
  • Organizations or departments that post information on campus bulletin boards are responsible for removing postings in a reasonable time (two days) after the event, activity, or program has concluded.
  • Off-campus organizations may be eligible to post with the permission from the Office of Marketing and Communications or designee. No advertising for business promotion will be permitted.
  • All posters must include a point of contact, with an email and phone number. Posters without those items will not be approved for posting.

Please note that student organizations that have applied for recognition, but have been denied, may not be eligible for the privileges of the posting policy. This depends upon the circumstances for which they were not recognized and is decided by the Director of Campus Programming or designee.

The Office of Student Life and the Marketing and Communication Office reserve the right to remove postings at any time or deny the hanging of posters. Please note this document is subject to change.


The following three locations may be used for Waverly and area posters and announcements. No business advertisements are permitted. Only one poster from the organization may be displayed on each board.

  • NW Tower entrance to the Saemann Student Center (post on community bulletin board only)
  • SE Saemann Student Center entrance by Information Desk
  • The W Welcome Desk area


The following bulletin board locations may be used by Wartburg departments and student organizations to promote events and other notices. These locations were determined based on their visibility and traffic. Posters hung in other places besides those designated below will be removed.

Saemann Student Center

  • NW Tower entrance (post on the Wartburg bulletin board only)
  • Outside of the Security Office
  • South entrance by Information Desk


  • Bulletin board on the North end


  • Luther Hall to WBC (two locations)
  • WBC to Saemann Student Center

The W

  • East entrance lobby (campus entrance)

Luther Hall

  • Global Admissions (by North second floor stairs)
  • Humanities Lounge on third floor (North end of building)
  • Enrollment Management board on second floor (South end of building)
  • 2-3 Floor Stairwell by Neumann Auditorium (South end of building)

Fine Arts Center

  • First floor board on ramp to McElroy Communication Arts Center
  • Second floor lounge by practice rooms and skywalk to Vogel Library
  • Bulletin board outside of the Music office

McElroy Communications Art Center

  • West stairwell between 1-2 floors
  • Board outside CAC office

Science Center (all are located on the first floor)

  • Voecks Auditorium lobby
  • Hagemann Auditorium lobby
  • First floor skywalk entrance board
  • Main first floor entrance

Residential Halls

Posters for residence halls should be approved and dropped off in the Student Life Office so they will be posted in appropriate high-traffic areas in each hall. No more than 20 should be dropped off.


  • Table Tents: Contact Sheryl Tiedt x8303 to reserve 75 table tents in the Mensa, Den, & Konditorei. Table tents need to be 4”x8”. Table tents must also be submitted to the Director of Campus Programming for approval of content and size (see above process for posters) and receive a stamp from the Office of Student Life.
  • Display Case reservations - two on the first level of the Student Center. Contact Jean Buckingham at or x8286 for details.
  • Tables are available in the Student Center on the lower level. Contact the Jean Buckingham at or x8286 for reservations.
  • Posting flyers, leaflets, or other advertising materials on the windshields of vehicles in college parking lots is not permitted.


  • Organizations can provide flyers for mailbox stuffing at a flat fee of $20.
  • Organizations will need to have their flyer approved by the Director of the Student Center Mailroom Darla Hamann at or x8680, prior to stuffing.
  • Organizations do not need to individually address each flyer, but flyers should be folded to fit in mailboxes.
  • Flyers will NOT be stuffed if the above protocol is not followed.
  • If flyers are stuffed, the organization associated with the flyers will assist in picking up any flyers littering the building and campus in general. If littering becomes a major issue and/or individual student reaction to increased mailbox stuffing is negative, this policy may be discontinued.
  • No flyers will be stuffed that are in any way connected with the promotion of alcohol or a business group where alcohol is sold.
  • Only Mail Center personnel are allowed to stuff mailboxes.

All posted material must be consistent with the mission of the College and not be in violation of College policy or civil law.