Orange Connection Program Logistics

A special feature of the “Orange Connection” is that we will work with you to provide housing with a young Wartburg Alumnus/a in their home. The young alumnus/a not only provides housing, they provide mentoring and time for informal discussion about transitioning into the “real world” and specifically about being a recent Wartburg graduate living in a large metropolitan area. You can take advantage of this one-on-one time by asking your “Orange Connection” sponsor a host of questions about career-related issues or perhaps about how they balance their professional and personal lives. If staying with an alumnus/a is not an option, we will make every effort to identify the safest, most affordable housing arrangements possible for the duration of the week (e.g. hostel, university housing, etc.).

Participants will be reimbursed for the majority of expenses (meals, etc.) incurred during the Orange Connection program. The student will be responsible for all other excess costs incurred. Students participating in the Orange Connection in Chicago will be responsible for a $50 transportation fee, and students participating in the Orange Connection in Des Moines will be responsible for the cost of their transportation.  If the student participant withdraws from the program, the student will be charged a withdrawal fee of $100.  This information will be discussed in greater detail in pre-departure meetings.

Note on Selection
As a participant, you will be representing Wartburg College and future participants at all times. The Honor Code and Student Handbook should be upheld throughout the experiences. Every participant is expected to abide by the College's academic and social policies during the experience and is expected to act with respect and professionalism at all times throughout the experience. Failure to adhere to the policies will be considered sufficient reason for dismissal from the program. All expenses associated with an early return/dismissal from this program will be the responsibility of the student.