The Tower School of Music

Students from the community receive individual lessons in piano and a variety of other instruments. Student teachers qualify for the program by satisfactorily passing requirements in theory, performance and pedagogy.  Through the Tower School, community students benefit in receiving quality music instruction and Wartburg student teachers benefit in gaining significant teaching experience during their undergraduate study.

Information for those interested in receiving lessons:

Student expectations: Lessons are held in the Fine Arts Center at Wartburg. Students are expected to practice materials for the individual lessons each week and come with the assignment well prepared. Lessons are offered for 13 weeks in most semesters, and 4 weeks in the May Term. Summer study is recommended and names of available teachers will be given to those who have been studying during the year.  Those who have not shown progress in a given semester will be asked not to register for the next.

Performance classes: Community students attend a performance class (held twice per semester) in the Fine Arts Center. Although not required, attendance and performance are definitely encouraged by teachers as a means to develop skill in public performance.

Change of teachers: Because student teachers keep accurate records on each student regarding materials and levels, it is possible for students to change teachers within the program successfully. In the case of a graduating teacher, another teacher will be assigned.

Acceptance into program: Students are accepted for instruction if they commit to a regular practice and lesson schedule, and are not currently studying privately with another teacher. Lessons with another teacher must be formally ended before contacting the Tower School about instruction.

Supervision: After training in teaching methods and materials, student teachers are observed in teaching according to the number of students they teach. The supervising teacher critiques students' work and student teachers' instruction, advising the student teacher as to suitable materials and methods for each student. Student teachers prepare semester goals for each student and submit them to their supervisor; students are taped in a final performance (during a lesson or performance class) so that the supervisor can monitor progress and discuss it with the student teacher.

For more information: Dr. Suzanne Torkelson, Director  (319-352-8233)