Media Information — Touring Ensembles

The following guidelines outline the responsibilities of Wartburg’s Communication and Marketing Office, as well as those of the local committee.

Wartburg staff will oversee:

Promoting Wartburg tour concerts via all relevant media outlets, including radio, television, and print publications. This will include the distribution of press kits and materials, as well as calendar listings to media personnel.

How you, the local publicity committee, can help:

  • Advise the Wartburg Communication and Marketing Office of the best local media. You know your local community and music “scene,” and we would love to hear from you about what the most logical local media contacts would be. Often you also may have those personal connections that we do not, and your help and suggestions for promotion of the Wartburg College ensembles are greatly appreciated.
  • Promote the concert to your local media sources. We encourage you to contact your local media, send them the press release and, at the very least, encourage them to post our event in their calendar section.
  • Outdoor marquees—Marquees can be another form of successful marketing. Check with local banks or businesses, which use visible marquees or changeable letter boards for availability. If the concert is at your church or school, be sure to check the availability of your own marquee or letter board.
  • Collecting reviews, listings, and features—Please collect all local reviews, listings, and features from newspapers, journals, etc., and give them to the ensemble manager at the time of the concert. They will pass this information on to the Wartburg Communication and Marketing Office. It is always extremely helpful to review the press coverage in each city following the concert.

Note: Please refer to the link for the official names of all Wartburg ensembles as well as suggested phrases to use for various announcements.

Wartburg Communication and Marketing grants media organizations permission to use these images in stories about or related to the college. All images are print quality jpegs at 300 ppi. If you require an image that is not offered on this page, please email

Director Photographs
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Ensemble Photographs
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Dr. Nicki Toliver
Castle Singers Director
Castle Singers Site
Singers - Color

Castle Singers - Print Quality

Dr. Craig A. Hancock
Director of Bands
Print Quality Photo
Concert Bands Site

Wind Ensemble - Color

Wind Ensemble - Print Quality
Dr. Lee Nelson
Wartburg Choir Director
Wartburg Choir Site
Choir - Color

Wartburg Choir - Print Quality