Host Family and Hospitality

Host Families

Wartburg College requests the following guidelines be followed when arranging homestays for the ensemble members.

  • It is required that students be housed in groups of two of more (NO SINGLES).
  • Wartburg would prefer that hosts live within a 20-30 minute drive from the concert location.
  • Students should be provided with a bed to ensure adequate rest while on tour. Roommates can be expected to share a double bed; however, sleeping bags or sofas are not an option.
  • IMPORTANT—Please do not assign students to unfamiliar host homes. It’s vital that you know all host family situations are safe and stable.
  • Hosts are responsible for transportation to/from the host home and should provide breakfast for the students the morning following the concert and a sack lunch for later in the day.
  • Ensemble lists containing roommate pairings, expected arrival and departure times, and allergy and diet restriction information will be sent approximately one month in advance of the performance.

    Wartburg College will need a list (preferably prior to arrival) of student assignments with hosts’ names, telephone numbers, and addresses in case we need to contact ensemble members regarding schedule changes or other emergencies.

    The college will make arrangements for staff and bus drivers to stay in a local hotel at the college’s expense.

    Dr. Craig Hancock, Wind Ensemble director, enjoys staying in homes if someone is interested in hosting him.

    Please Note: In some instances due to timing or destination, the ensemble may stay in a hotel. All hotel arrangements would be made directly by the college.


    Group Meals:
    Preferably, the ensemble and staff will be served the evening meal as a group prior to the concert. If this is not possible, host families may provide evening meals. Host families also are asked to provide breakfast and a sack lunch for the students. Please let the music tour coordinator know the arrangement used. The ensemble often has several vegetarian members; you will be notified how many.

    If you serve the students the evening meal as a group, the time will be determined by the concert time. If the concert is at 7 p.m., the requested dinnertime is approximately 5 p.m. If students will be eating the evening meal in homes, the host family should plan to pick them up and return them to the concert location no later than one hour prior to concert time. Allowances should be made for time if there is a distance to be traveled to the host’s home.


  • Plan for an evening meal for up to (____) people or make arrangements for the host families to provide the evening meal prior to the concert.
  • Generally there are two to five vegetarians or students with dietary restrictions.
  • Find a location for the evening meal.
  • Decide on the menu and method of preparation (potluck, catered, or a combination) and who will help prepare, serve, and clean up.
  • For college students, quantity (vs. quality) usually prevails. Provide extra bread and beverages, especially water, and you’ve won them over!
  • If the host family is providing the meal, be sure you or the housing chairperson inform them of the number of students to be served and times for pick up and return.
  • You may even try contacting your local Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. If asked, they will sometimes pay for all or part of the meal as a donation.