Performance Facilities

(Generally handled by performance chairperson)

You will receive an itinerary emailed in advance of the tour with arrival times. Typically, the ensemble will arrive between 3 and 3:30 p.m., depending on concert time. Please be sure the facility is unlocked and that someone familiar with the layout of the facility is on hand. It is very important that all facility arrangements have been made, including riser accommodations, stands, chairs, sound equipment, and dressing rooms. Please contact the music tour coordinator to make these arrangements.

*Castle Singers will be bringing their own sound equipment. Please make sure the electrical outlets are in working order and can be easily located.

All ensembles will need a tuned piano for their performances.

We ask that two dressing rooms be available for the performers, along with a room where the group may assemble for warm-up just prior to the concert. Please arrange for a small dressing room for the director as well. Please have these rooms unlocked at arrival.

Typically, the size of the touring ensembles are:
Castle Singers – 35 members
The Wartburg Choir — 90 members
The Wartburg College Wind Ensemble — 65 members

Check with the music tour coordinator for exact numbers.

Ushers should be well acquainted with the auditorium prior to the concert. We will furnish programs, brought by the ensembles. The ushers should arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the concert start time.

Ensembles will need a table for display and CD sales purposes. Ensemble members will staff the table during intermission and following the concert.

*You may be contacted by members of the meals/reception committee for assistance in facility arrangements in this area.


  • Complete facility arrangements, ensuring against cancellation.
  • Arrange for someone familiar with the concert arrangements and facility surroundings to unlock the building and be there to give directions to the director (or music tour coordinator) upon the ensembles’ arrival.
  • Send the home and work phone number of a person who will greet the choir upon its arrival.
  • Arrange for two dressing rooms and an additional small dressing room for the conductor.
  • Line up ushers familiar with facility surroundings. Inform them that they should arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the concert.