Digital Print Center

Digital Print Center Pricing

Faxing - 25 cents per side for outgoing; 7 cents per side for incoming; no charge for cover sheet

Black and white copies - 7 cents per side

Color copies - 26 cents per side
Paper costs are additional
Folding, stapling, punching, padding, and tabbing costs are additional

Laminating - $1 per foot

Plastic binding - $1.25 per piece (prices may vary)

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pricing guide (PDF)


The Digital Print Center has some of the latest technology. We can print from your emailed files, a CD, or flash drive.

Services include:

  • fast turnaround copying in black and white or color
  • fast turnaround faxing
  • laminating
  • large-format printing of banners or signs
  • limited photo printing from electronic files

Design Services

Projects should come to the Digital Print Center in a format ready for printing. Click here to view a pre-press checklist (PDF) to ensure your document will be able to be printed. In cases where projects do not conform to Wartburg printing guidelines (such as wrong logo usage or improper layout), the Digital Print Center will notify the customer and send it to Marketing and Communication for reworking or design modification. Turnaround will be dependent upon designer availability and the amount of work involved.

Delivery Time

Turnaround time for simple projects such as memos and letters is generally 24 hours or less. Jobs that involve hand collating, folding, or stapling may require more time. Projects with large quantities also will require extra time.


Staff members can help you with your paper selection in a variety of weights and sizes. The Digital Print Center carries a variety of:

  • regular and recycled paper
  • resume paper
  • specialty paper
  • envelopes


Your department office coordinator has access to our online ordering system.

Stationery items include:

  • business cards
  • personalized post-it notes
  • letterhead
  • envelopes

For help or questions, contact Lori Poehler, ext. 8366.

Printers and Copiers

Wartburg College has established the following guidelines for economical use of copiers on campus:

  • 50 or fewer copies – use department copier
  • More than 50 copies - use Digital Print Center

Department Copier Toner and Paper

To order toner or for copier service, contact ITS Help Desk, ext. 8767. To order paper for copiers, contact the Digital Print Center, ext. 8285.