Marketing & Communication - Logos

Correct Use of the Logos and Symbols
Wartburg College logos and symbols must be used in a consistent manner on all applications. Used properly, they are a unifying element for college materials. The Wartburg College logos and symbols must be reproduced only from camera-ready or electronic art available from this website. They must not be distorted, redrawn, or changed in any way.

Never use compromised or poor quality artwork for reproduction or make “copies of copies” of the logo; this degrades the image quality. Always reproduce the logo directly from camera-ready or electronic art. Questions regarding variations of the logo and proper applications should be referred to the Marketing and Communication Office.

Right click (or Alt click on Mac) to save these documents to your hard drive. The documents are available in PDF or JPG format. PDF files can be sent to vendors that request "vector" graphics for items like t-shirt printing. JPG files can be used in Photoshop, Quark, Publisher, InDesign and Illustrator documents as well as the web. Be sure to read the rules regarding the logo and seal. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to right click and select "Save Target As" to download a JPG.

Official Wartburg College Logo

Wartburg College Logo

Download: JPG (full color) | PDF (full color) | PDF (all white for dark backgrounds) | PDF (all black for light backgrounds) | PNG Black logo | PNG Color Logo

Most people are exposed to Wartburg College through brochures, posters, and other promotional materials. The college's visual materials should project a clear and consistent image of the college. The logo appears on college letterhead and in many other documents. In most cases, we suggest using the Wartburg logo on the back of publications. When the words "Wartburg College" appear on the front of a publication where the logo might not be used, use a font different than Garamond, the logotype.
Athletic Symbol
Athletic Logo
Download: JPG (Black) or JPG (Orange) | PDF | PNG
This logo represents all Wartburg athletic activities. It continues Wartburg's traditional knight theme in a simple and reproducible graphic form. The logo must never be used as a design element ( e.g., in a pattern or as a border design). Never use poor quality artwork for reproduction or make copies of copies for the logo.
Wartburg College Seal
Wartburg Seal The Wartburg College seal is not a substitute for the college logo. It is reserved for use on documents that require formal dignity. These uses include: diplomas, certain honorary certificates and awards, and official college documents, such as transcripts. Therefore, no downloadable versions of this symbol will be provided.

Supportive Typography

Supportive typography is all other type used with the logo on letterhead, business cards, stationery, forms, and other printed material. The Garamond and Helvetica or Myriad type families have been chosen to accompany the Wartburg College logo. These typefaces are compatible with the logo. Using these type families will create a unified image of Wartburg College through printed material. Brochures, catalogs, newsletters, and similar publications may require the use of other typefaces. Please consult the Marketing and Communication Office.