Logo Policies

Logo Policy
Wartburg College promotes and protects its identity through the Marketing & Communication Office. The visual identity of the college is most frequently visible through the use of Wartburg Orange (PMS 158; see Color Standards for more detail) and its logos and marks.

Marketing & Communication shapes and stewards an overarching brand, incorporating key institutional messages and core design elements. This eliminates brand confusion and ensures that our visual materials project a clear and consistent image of the college.

Official versions of the college’s logos and marks can be viewed and downloaded in a variety of formats here.
Marketing & Communication is the only office with latitude to alter any of the college’s visual identity, including logos, symbols, marks and seals.

Correct Use of the Logos and Symbols
Correct usage of the college’s logos, symbols, marks and seals does not:

  • modify the type or letters.
  • add visual elements or text not part of the original design.
  • enclose in a shape, such as a circle or rectangle.
  • add effects or outlines to the wordmark.
  • put dark marks on a dark background, or light marks on a light background.
  • screen, skew or otherwise distort original proportions.
  • reproduce marks from any source that is not camera-ready or approved electronic versions.
  • use more than one logo on an item. Using both the primary logo and the athletics logo on a poster or shirt, for example, violates this guideline.

Questions regarding variations of the logo and proper applications should be referred to the Marketing & Communication Office.

LogoPrimary Logo
This is the logo that should be used in most applications.
When the words "Wartburg College" appear on the front of a publication where the logo might not be used, use a font different than Garamond, the logotype.

PhotoAthletic Logo
This logo represents all Wartburg athletic activities. This logo should be used for athletics and general merchandise (where it can also be used outside the circle). It should not be used on printed materials, banners, posters, etc. that are not athletics in nature.

College Seal
The Wartburg College seal is not a substitute for the college logo. It is reserved for:

  • Photoformal documents, such as diplomas, certificates, citations, legal documents and contracts.
  • publications of the Board of Trustees, the Office of the President, Cabinet members and deans.
  • other official, ceremonial or historical college materials.
  • major media and fundraising initiatives.
  • limited merchandise with advance approval by Marketing & Communication.

Some exemptions may be granted to use the seal on merchandise. To qualify for an exemption, all merchandise featuring the Wartburg College seal must be of high quality. Examples include: 

  • Executive gifts, such as paperweights, cufflinks, etc.
  • Diploma frames
  • Captain’s Chairs
  • Official school rings
  • Select engraved crystal, gold, silver, brass, pewter, leather, and wooden items (jewelry, blazer buttons, pens, etc.)

 The seal should be used only on merchandise that features embossing or engraving. Merchandise requiring silk-screening or other imprinting should be produced using the Wartburg College logo.

All uses of the seal, including those listed above, must be approved by Marketing & Communication. Merchandise designs must be submitted to the regular licensing process.

“Be Orange,” “Worth It” and Other Taglines
Taglines for campaigns or initiatives, such as “Be Orange” and “Worth It,” do not require specific fonts, sizes, etc. No logo versions of these phrases should be developed or used. Any such existing uses should be retired.

Trademark and Licensing
The name “Wartburg College,” its primary logo, athletic logo and certain verbiage are trademarked and should carry a trademark designation (“™”) on all promotional items. Verbiage includes:

  • Wartburg™
  • Wartburg College™
  • Wartburg College Knights™

For questions about the trademark designation, contact Marketing & Communication for more information.

Unit LogoStandardized Unit Logos
Departments, offices, centers and institutes must use a standardized form that incorporates the college’s primary logo above and the unit’s name below the underline in the font Myriad Pro Bold Condensed.

As with all other design services, Marketing & Communication will create your unit’s logo free of charge.

Design or Use of Other Logos
All units of the college should use the primary logo. All offices and departments must use the standardized unit logo. This keeps the college’s visual identity from being diluted and reinforces the variety of subjects and fields through which Wartburg has developed a well-rounded liberal arts education and experience.

Some programs, services or student organizations may warrant a specialized mark. In those instances, faculty and staff must consult with Marketing & Communication on the design and use.

Time-limited Events
Examples of events that might warrant a special design for promotion (not all-inclusive):

  • RICE (Research, Internship and Creative Endeavor) Day
  • St. Elizabeth Week
  • MLK Week
  • Christmas with Wartburg
  • Homecoming
  • Outfly
  • U-Knight Day

Student Organizations
For marketing purposes, most student organizations are free to create and use their own marks (with approval of Student Life). These student organizations are invited, but not required, to use Marketing & Communication for design and implementation consulting.

Some select groups that affect institutional image are subject to institutional standards. Those select groups are referred to as Tier One for marketing purposes. They include (but are not limited to):

  • Music ensembles
  • Athletic teams
  • Ambassadors
  • Orange Corps

Tier One organizations must use the official color palette in their design, and should consider incorporating the Garamond W and name “Wartburg College.”

Additionally, families of organizations — such as ensembles and teams — will have a unifying family design. They might all use the same typeface or art style.

Download Logos

Right click (or Alt click on Mac) to save these documents to your hard drive. The documents are available in PDF or JPG format. PDF files can be sent to vendors that request "vector" graphics for items like t-shirt printing. JPG files can be used in Photoshop, Quark, Publisher, InDesign and Illustrator documents as well as the web. Be sure to read the rules regarding the logo and seal. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to right click and select "Save Target As" to download a JPG.

Official Wartburg College Logo

Wartburg College Logo

Download: JPG (full color) | PDF (full color) | PDF (all white for dark backgrounds) | PDF (all black for light backgrounds) | PNG Black logo | PNG Color Logo

Most people are exposed to Wartburg College through brochures, posters, and other promotional materials. The college's visual materials should project a clear and consistent image of the college. The logo appears on college letterhead and in many other documents. In most cases, we suggest using the Wartburg logo on the back of publications. When the words "Wartburg College" appear on the front of a publication where the logo might not be used, use a font different than Garamond, the logotype.
Athletic Symbol
Athletic Logo
Download: JPG (Black) or JPG (Orange) | PDF | PNG
This logo represents all Wartburg athletic activities. It continues Wartburg's traditional knight theme in a simple and reproducible graphic form. The logo must never be used as a design element ( e.g., in a pattern or as a border design). Never use poor quality artwork for reproduction or make copies of copies for the logo.
Wartburg College Seal
Wartburg Seal The Wartburg College seal is not a substitute for the college logo. It is reserved for use on documents that require formal dignity. These uses include: diplomas, certain honorary certificates and awards, and official college documents, such as transcripts. Therefore, no downloadable versions of this symbol will be provided.

Supportive Typography

Supportive typography is all other type used with the logo on letterhead, business cards, stationery, forms, and other printed material. The Garamond and Helvetica or Myriad type families have been chosen to accompany the Wartburg College logo. These typefaces are compatible with the logo. Using these type families will create a unified image of Wartburg College through printed material. Brochures, catalogs, newsletters, and similar publications may require the use of other typefaces. Please consult the Marketing and Communication Office.