What is a Lutheran College?
Ramona Rev. Ramona Bouzard
Dean of the Chapel
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Brian Rev. Brian Beckstrom
Campus Pastor
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Wartburg is a College of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. You may be wondering what exactly a Lutheran is, and how does being a Lutheran College shape this community?

Lutherans are Christians who take their name from Martin Luther (1483-1546) a German Professor and Monk who sought to reform the Church by questioning its practices. One of Luther’s most important ideas is that God is most clearly revealed in unlikely places and in surprising ways, particularly in Jesus on the Cross. That idea shapes the Wartburg community in some important ways.

God is surprising…

1) We cannot assume that we have all the answers.
That is why you will find people of many different Christian and non Christian traditions on campus. You will have the chance to participate in interfaith conversations and learn about other traditions. You’ll also find people who don’t believe in God or aren’t sure what they believe about God. God often is found in the people and places we least expect.

2)The Cross unites us.
Worship, Bible study, and other opportunities are open to everyone, regardless of what they believe or their level of experience. The Office of Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry, and student led groups, organize these opportunities. There are two Campus Pastors at Wartburg but student volunteers carry out most of the ministry.

3) We are free to pursue truth and ask questions.
There are no questions that are off limits in the classroom, the Chapel, or anywhere else.

4) We are called to give our lives in service to others by leading with our voices and actions.
On the cross, Jesus gave up his power and authority for the sake of others. We carry on this legacy by putting aside our own power and privilege so that we can serve and love others.

Because Wartburg is a Lutheran College everyone is a valued member of our community. We hope you will be willing to bring your gifts, questions, and ideas into your experience at Wartburg.