What is a Lutheran College?
Ramona Rev. Ramona Bouzard
Dean of the Chapel
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Brian Rev. Brian Beckstrom
Campus Pastor
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Lutheran or not, there's a place for you here.
Wartburg College is a college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Just as Notre Dame doesn't apologize for being Roman Catholic, Wartburg doesn't apologize for being Lutheran. While we are unapologetic about our identity as a college of the church, we are equally vigorous in our efforts to welcome and include others. We recognize God’s image within every person. Students, faculty, and staff of all races, ethnicities, faiths, sexual orientations, gender identities, and philosophies are welcomed and invited to participate in a process of critical reflection on their most foundational commitments in life. We are committed to diversity and inclusion on our campus, not in spite of our heritage but precisely because of it.

But what if I'm NOT Lutheran?
We're pleased and excited to fully welcome you into our family of faith. In fact, it's exciting to welcome non-Lutherans. You bring with you important and unique backgrounds, traditions, and beliefs. We want you to share them with us as we walk together in our journey of faith. You are always welcome to participate fully in our worship, Bible Study, communion, and outreach ministries. Don't hesitate to share your perspective. It will enrich us all.

But what if I AM Lutheran?
You are probably in for some surprises -- and some stretching. Approximately half of your fellow students are not Lutheran, so you are joining an ecumenical community of faith. You will be living with a diverse group of Christians, and with many students who are not Christian. Thus, campus worship, Bible study, and classes will both challenge and strengthen you. You will experience many new and varied forms of worship and faith expression. Some will be familiar, others will seem strange and uncomfortable, especially at first. Hang in there and grow with us. Remember that grace is a gift and that faith is a journey; not a possession.