Tax Information

Federal Taxes

All F1 and J1 international students are required to file federal income tax forms, regardless of their employment status.  All students must complete form 8843 (Statement for Exempt Individuals.)  Students who do not have a job can simply complete form 8843 and send it in.  Students who have a job and receive income must file form 8843 in addition to form 1040NR-EZ (Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return). 
Students will need W2 forms from their employers in order to file their taxes.  Students who work on campus can pick up their W2 forms in the international programs office.  Students who earn money doing CPT off campus will receive their W2 forms in their campus mailboxes.
Each year, the international programs office purchases a limited subscription to Glacier Tax Prep, an online tax return preparation system.  Students who are interested in using Glacier Tax Prep to prepare their tax returns can get a passcode from the international programs office for a small fee.   
Students may choose to do taxes without Glacier Tax Prep.  They can pick up their W2 forms in the international student programs office.  International students must file form 1040 NR-EZ and Form 8843.  Failure to file the correct form can jeopardize your F1 student visa status.
Note: Certain scholarships are counted as income for tax purposes.  Students who receive a 1042-S form for scholarships must file taxes on that form.  The international student programs office highly recommends the use of Glacier Tax Prep for students who receive 1042-S forms.


State Taxes

International students who work on campus and made more than $9000 in the previous year must file Iowa state tax forms in addition to federal tax forms.  The form for Iowa taxes is the IA 1040.