Host Family Program

Host Family Potluck

The International Host Family Program at Wartburg College connects students from around the world with local families.  Each new student that arrives on the Wartburg campus is introduced to a family in the community that has shown an interest in helping international students adjust to American culture.  The Host Family Program is a great way for students to build a support system in the Waverly community, as well as a great way for local families to expand their cultural horizons.  Host families and their students meet throughout the year to share meals and participate in a variety of activities that help international students learn more about the “daily life” of an American family.

If you would like to learn more about the Host Family Program, please view the Host Family Brochure for additional details.  If you are an individual or family who is interested in being matched with an international student, we encourage you to complete the Host Family Interest Form and submit it to