International Student Courses


The following courses are required for some, but not all, international students at Wartburg.

EI 195 American English Language and Culture
Overview of American culture, institutions, values. Emphasis on making sense of American culture through data collection, group discussion, teamwork, individual writing, speaking, and
reflection. Comparison and contrast of U.S. culture with student preconceptions and understanding of their own cultures.  Assignments and in-class discussions to help improve spoken and written skills, listening, reading comprehension. Grammar, vocabulary issues related to class assignments, discussion. Prerequisite: TOEFL equivalent of 481. Open to U.S. and
international students.

EN 111 English Composition
Basic college-level writing and the writing process. Frequent conferences leading to development of the ability to analyze one’s own writing.  EN 111 is a prerequisite for EN 112.

International students can find out more about Wartburg’s English language requirements by visiting the Wartburg International Admissions Page.

Link: International Admissions