History Scholarships
Scholarships for History Majors - Undergraduate and Graduate
  • Ottersberg Scholar in History - This scholarship is awarded to a first year student with a major in history. The purpose is to provide a scholarship for "Scholars in Partnership" in history named after Dr. Gerhard Ottersberg. Receipt is based on merit.
  • Dr. G. Rudolph & Beryl Bjorgan Memorial Scholarship - Full-time students at Wartburg College who demonstrates appropriate financial need as determined by the Wartburg Financial Aid Office are eligible for this scholarship. However, special preference is given to a junior or senior majoring in history or political science, with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00, with proven ability to excel in their chosen field.
  • Gerhard Ottersberg History Scholarship - Established in honor of Dr. Gerhard Ottersberg, professor emeritus, Wartburg College -- with funds contributed by family, friends and former students -- this award is granted to a junior or senior student majoring in history who has consistently demonstrated a high level of scholastic achievement.
  • Norheim History Scholarship - The Norheim is awarded to a student majoring in history with good academic standards.
  • Other Scholarships - Visit Wartburg College's listing of nationally competitive scholarships or learn about additional scholarships, grants, and fellowships through the Wartburg Financial Aid Web site.