About the History Department

Program Goals

  • To develop skills for perceptive reading, critical thinking, summarizing, and intelligent articulation.
  • To develop the ability to use and conduct research in primary materials
  • To develop an awareness and appreciation for other cultures
  • To expose students to a wide variety of historical approaches
  • To develop an awareness of the ethical questions faced by practicing historians
  • To help students deal with the present and future by studying the past patterns and trends of human activity.

Majors, Minors & Endorsements

The History Department offers the following majors, minors and endorsements. Each of the majors offers a link to a checklist to assist students in planning their major. For additional information about endorsements, visit the Education Department.


Honors in History:  Students who successfully complete HI 462 Honors Research Seminar with a “B” or higher and maintain a 3.5 GPA within the major and overall (cumulative GPA) will graduate with honors in history.  Such designation will be noted on their final transcript.

Minors and Endorsements

  • American History Minor Endorsement For Social Science Teaching Majors (7-12)
  • World History Minor Endorsement For Social Science Teaching Majors (7-12)
  • American History Endorsement (7-12)
  • World History Endorsement (7-12)
  • History Endorsement (K-6)

All major requirements and course descriptions are available in the online academic catalog.