Special Needs

Learning Disabilities

Students are encouraged to identify any learning disabilities that may affect their ability to be successful at Wartburg College. In order to provide requested classroom accommodations, Wartburg requires a copy of an evaluation by a licensed psychologist or a learning specialist trained and licensed to evaluate learning disabilities. This evaluation may include the tests given, scores received, a suggested course of action for the individual student, and recommendations for the classroom.

The Pathways academic success associate will work with students to make a referral for testing if they have not been evaluated. The expense of the testing is the responsibility of the student. All documentation should be sent to the Pathways Center. The Pathways academic success associate will work with the student to determine the appropriate notification of faculty and staff. Support and reasonable accommodations are available through the Supplemental Instruction program, in the Writing/Reading/Speaking Lab, and through Academic Success Services in the Pathways Center. Other informal and personal support is available as needed to learning disabled students. For more information, see www.wartburg.edu/pathways/disability.aspx.

Students with Disabilities

Qualified students with disabilities are protected from unlawful discrimination by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA, as amended). The individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA and its Individualized Education Plan [IEP]) provisions do not apply to postsecondary schools.

Wartburg College provides reasonable academic adjustments to qualified students with disabilities to provide equal access to class and course materials. To receive accommodations, students are responsible to “self-identify” as having a disability and must provide valid and current documentation supporting such disability. For more information or to apply for accommodations, contact the Pathways academic success associate at ext. 8230. Appeals of decisions are made to the vice president for student life at ext. 8745.