These current international students can help you learn what it’s like to be a Wartburg student.

Elizaveta Chudaykina ’17

Elizaveta Chudaykina
Russian Flag

What is your Major?
Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and International Business.

What campus activities you’re involved with?
I participate Earth: sustainability group and International Club. Also, I work for Global Admissions and Knight Callers where I work with graduated students.

What is it like living in the Waverly and Wartburg communities?
It is a very small community. I personally feel very protected here. Wartburg reminds me very much of UWC of The Atlantic. People of Waverly are very nice and kind. They would stop to ask you about college and your home country. I like Waverly for all the services in walking distance. My favorite place would be the small theater. It is nice to go for a late movie on a warm day with your friends.

Why is Wartburg Worth It to you?
I have an amazing opportunity of Wartburg support even after graduation. I like my relationship with professors and work supervisors. When it comes to studying, I need a very calm and quiet place to work. That’s why Wartburg works perfectly for me. Compared to other areas or cities in the United States, you will not find distractions of noisy cars on the streets, extreme natural disasters, or high crime rates. Iowa is a nice, friendly, and safe state.

What advice do you have for prospective students?
Make a good research about every school you are applying to. Make pros and cons list. Always think that environment is matter. It affects your lifestyle and studying. Think about your future opportunities for after graduation time.

Joseph Tarawali ’17
Sierra Leone

Joseph Tarawali
Sierra Leone Flag

1. What is your Major?
Engineering Science Major

2. What campus activities you’re involved with?
I am involved in the following campus activities: Wartburg Men’s soccer, Engineering Club, The Society of Physics Students, Catholic Knights, I-Club, Water to Thrive.

3. What is it like living in the Waverly and Wartburg communities?
The Waverly community is very small. To me it’s basically a college town which makes it a good place for someone to focus on studies and having less distractions. It is usually cold in the winter and there is a lot of snow. However, this community is safer than living in a big city; I haven’t heard of any big crime since I started going to Wartburg. The professors at Wartburg are very supportive and give their time to help students.

4. Why is Wartburg Worth It to you?
Living in a community with many resources and people to give their support when needed is one thing I value about Wartburg. The class sizes are very small which gives you opportunity to interact with professors and ask questions when you need help. There is a lot of sporting activities here and Wartburg has shown excellence in most of them in the regional and national levels. You can meet people from diverse backgrounds and make many friends.

5. What advice do you have for prospective students?

Wartburg has many opportunities that you can take advantage of. To list a few: Service Trips, US Internships, and joining numerous student organizations and clubs.  I have enjoyed my time here at Wartburg. I hope that it will be your future destination just as it has become mine. Take the bold step and apply!

Yazhi “Miranda” Pang ’20

China Flag

What is your Major?

What campus activities you’re involved with?
I am involved in the International Club and the Asian Club on campus.

What is it like living in the Waverly and Wartburg communities?
Wartburg is a small community. It is beneficial to us because we get to know each other. Someone will say hello to you when you walk around campus. In addition, our campus is close to the natural environment; no high buildings, and very little noise around. I see a variety of very cute animals on campus every day, such as: rabbit, bunny, etc.

Why is Wartburg Worth it to you?
The teachers are very kind and nice. If you have some questions, they are always very willing to help you, with patience. Also, you can seek for advice from your advisor about subject choices. They will also help you make good decisions for your subjects. Furthermore, the quiet atmosphere around campus is very good for studying.

What advice do you have for prospective students?
When you face troubles, don’t give up on yourself. When you get successful, don’t forget your suffering.