Wartburg Forensics Constitution

Article I

The name of this organization shall be Wartburg College Forensics
Article II
The purpose of Wartburg College Forensics is:
1. To be a competitive forensics team at the collegiate level
2. To stimulate interest and participation in forensics
3. To develop effective communication skills for use in daily life
4. To provide leadership experience
5. To represent Wartburg College according to the Honor Code
Article III
1. Membership shall be open to all interested Wartburg students
2. Continued membership will be contingent upon active participation
and/or other activities that shall further the purpose and reputation of Wartburg College Forensics
3. Members recognize the vote of the Executive Board on all organizational matters
Article IV

1. The Executive Board shall consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Historian and the Director of Forensics
2. Duties of the Executive Board
A. The Board shall be the administrative body of the Forensics Team and shall hold weekly meetings
B. The Director of Forensics shall set agendas and oversee the organization of team activities
C. The President shall serve as official representative of Wartburg College Forensics which includes attending all Communication Arts Department meetings and attending to all organizational correspondence. The President shall also coordinate the Christmas Show at the Waverly Public Library, the February Rose Sal Fundraiser and serve as Social Coordinator for activities at national tournaments.
D. The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, shall serve as the official representative of Wartburg College Forensics. The Vice President shall also coordinate any library performances (other than the Christmas Show), coordinate the December Poinsettia Fundraiser and help the Director of Forensics coordinate the MAFL tournament.
E. The Secretary shall at the request of the Director of Forensics assist with team correspondence, press releases and serve as a scribe for the team. The Secretary shall also organize and label all trophies, coordinate Eucharist performances and order food for tournaments.
F. The Historian will assist the Director of Forensics with tasks that involve the preservation of team history as well as chronicle the team's accomplishments over the academic year. The Historian shall also maintain the bulletin board, coordinate the candlelight dinner, and complete the travel checklist before departing for each tournament.

Article V

1. Election of the Executive Board shall take place in the spring from candidates nominated by the team
2. Members shall be notified prior to voting, a quorum of members is needed to elect officers, votes may be cast in absentia
3. If an individual has prior knowledge that he or she will be absent for a semester in the following year, he or she is ineligible to run for an officer position.
4. In the case of an even number of voting members, the Director of Forensics will be responsible for breaking any ties. Ties will not be announced.
Article VI
The team will hold weekly meetings and the Executive Board and the Director of Forensics reserves the right to call additional meetings as needed throughout the competitive season
Article VII
1. The Constitution shall be reviewed and considered for revision every two years
2. Proposed amendments shall be submitted to the Executive Board for presentation to the team
3. Voting shall take place at the next meeting following the presentation of an amendment
4. Ratification of amendments have the same requirements as the Election of the Executive Board