Event Co-Sponsorship/Money Request

Guidelines for Request:

  • The form must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the event.
  • The event MAY NOT conflict with another ETK event.
  • The event must be opened to ALL Wartburg Students.
  • There must be a Faculty or Staff “advisor”.
  • Co-Sponsorship is considered to be a monetary request, event assistance or promotion for an event.
  • The event must be a form of entertainment.
  • There must be an evaluation after the event sent to ETK stating your opinions of the event and any other additional information such as number attended and feedback.
  • If this co-sponsorship is to provide direct funding to a vendor and/or an entertainment act, a copy of the invoice and/or contract must be provided with the initial submission of the co-sponsorship form.

Application - Download application (DOCX)

Please either E-mail the application to ETK@wartburg.edu or bring it to the ETK office (located in The Hub, inside the Student Center).