About the Engineering
Science Program

A Unique Curriculum for a Changing World
Employers today are seeking engineers who are more than just technically competent. They are looking for graduates who can write and speak effectively, who are team players, and who can see the “big picture.” These are the kinds of engineers that Wartburg graduates.

Unlike university curricula, Wartburg’s Engineering Science program emphasizes breadth of background over narrow specialization. Unlike engineering programs at most other liberal arts colleges, the program is a four-year bachelor’s degree that does not require further study at another institution before seeking industrial employment.

Engineering Science at Wartburg is designed to provide you with a unique combination of:

• technical expertise
• mathematical and scientific skills
• a true liberal arts perspective

The course requirements are carefully selected  to prepare students for graduate study if they wish further specialization or to give students the engineering know-how they need to succeed in industry.

In addition to the standard requirements, students are encouraged to round out their educations with a broad mix of experiences. Most engineering science majors minor in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, or computer science. Many industry-bound graduates have also completed minors in business, leadership, or in a foreign language. Nearly 40% of engineering majors participate in intercollegiate athletics, and more than 20% are members of musical ensembles. About 30% study abroad during their four years and about half participate in summer or year-round internship programs.

All major requirements and course descriptions are available in the online academic catalog.