About English & Modern Languages

English Majors

  • English Major
    • engage in creative responses to human experience by exploring ideas, values, and artistic achievements in written, spoken, and visual media
    • learn how to think critically, analyze all forms of communication, and solve problems through research
  • Writing Major
    • acquaint yourself with literary studies
    • express yourself through creative writing courses and workshops
    • receive a background in the philosophy of literature, mass media reporting, and technical writing

Language Majors

May Term

  • Take part in a May Term experience, where students spend four weeks abroad, combining intensive language study with faculty-led excursions to sites of historical and cultural significance.

  • During May Term,Spanish majors and minors visit about sites of cultural interest and study in Heredia, Costa Rica; French/French studies majors and minors travel to a language institute in Paris; German/German studies majors and minors visit several cities in Germany.

Study Abroad

  • As a junior, French, German, and Spanish majors will study abroad for a semester.
  • Many students choose to study at the University of Grenoble in France; the Universities of Bonn or Jena in Germany; and USAC, Heredia or San Ramon, Costa Rica, or the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies in Córdoba or Buenos Aires, Argentina, or Seville, Spain.