Dance Marathon - Executive Team

Name: Allie Seavert
Year: 4th
Major: Accounting and Business Administration, Mathematics Minor
Position: Executive Director
Why DM:  There is no better feeling than helping children and knowing you made a difference.  Dance Marathon is so much more than 12 hours of standing and dancing. The money we’re able to raise with less than 175 Wartburg Students makes a difference in so many people's lives, not only for the children, but for their families. FTK!

Name: Chantal Knepper
Year: 4th
Major: Biology major
Position: Assistant Director
Why DM: I do dance marathon because the stories of the kids are inspiring. It really all goes back to the fight that these kids have to simply have lives outside of the hospitals. FTK. 

Name: Jenna Manders
Year: 3rd
Major: Interdepartmental Business & Sociology
Position: Assistant Director    
Why DM: 17 million kids have been helped by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 10 hours on your feet may seem like a long time, but those kids in the hospital don't just have two more hours of pain and suffering left. It's 12 hours on one Saturday, that leaves 51 others ever year for me to do whatever I want. Better question, why wouldn't you want to do Dance Marathon?

Name: Joshalyn Stout
Year: 4th
Major: Elementary Education
Position: Assistant Director
Why DM: I dance to give children a chance. Every child needs the chance to grow up and make a difference in the world. Every child matters.

Name: Alyssa Larson
Year: 4th
Major: Music Education, Church music
Position: Events Co-Chair
Why DM: I have been in the recipe Inge end  of DM And I know it's incredible impact.  I want to give back! 

Name: Haley Rudd
Year: 2nd
Major: Social Work
Position: Events Co-Chair
Why DM: to show support to those individuals & families that have or are currently going through the same thing my family did. And what better way to show it, then by dancing!

Name: Ashley Freese
Year:  4th
Major: Elementary Education
Position: Family Relations Co-Chair
Why DM: It started out as an organization to get involved with and turned into an organization that has changed my life. I love getting the opportunity to work with such amazing families and help raise money for the kids!! 

Name: Avery Mason
Year: 2nd
Major: Business Administration/Pre-Med
Position: Family Relations Co-Chair 
Why DM: Dance marathon is one of the small things I can do to make a big impact in a young kid's life. Their smiles make it all worth it. 

Name: Sam Miller
Year: 2nd
Major: Music Therapy

Name: Samantha Speicher
Year:  4th
Major: Art and Communication Design
Position: Fundraising Co-Chair
Why DM?: I dance to give kids another chance.

Name: Maggie Ray
Year: 4th
Major: Social Work
Position: Mini Marathons Co-Chair
Why DM: I love this event and what dance marathon does. This will be my third year doing dance marathon and not only is the cause great, but the event is fun! My heart is continually touched by the families stories and the way in which efforts like dance marathon were able to alleviate some of the stress during the hardest part of the lives. To sum this up, I love Dance Marathon!!

Name: Felicia Finley
Year: 3rd
Major: Elementary Education
Position: Mini Marathon Co-Chair
Why Dm: It is a great cause and an easy and fun way to give to people who have more strength and courage then anyone should have to have! 

Name: Kyle Scobee
Year:  4th
Major: Business Administration
Position: Advertising and Recruitment Co-Chair
Why DM: Dance Marathon gives you an appreciation for all of the  little things that we take for granted, and it is the most fun you could have. When you’re having fun for the right reasons and you remember who you’re doing it for, you’ll find that participating can change your life. It’s changed mine.

Name:  Sara Morrissey
Year:  3rd
Major:  Communication Arts PR Major, Communication Design Minor
Position:  Advertising and Recruitment Co-Chair
Why DM: I dance to make miracles and for the opportunity to bring hope to the kids


Events:  This committee is in charge of generating ideas and planning all that goes on during the large event.  This includes deciding on the food choices, booking entertainment, getting prizes, creating the themed hours, etc. 

Fundraising:  This committee is in charge of planning fundraisers throughout the year.  They come up with fun ideas and locations that involve students as well as community support. 

Advertising/Recruitment:  This committee is in charge of spreading the word about Dance Marathon around campus and throughout the community as well.  They design posters, pamphlets, fliers, etc. that showcase new happenings or events for DM.  They also manage our Facebook page.

Family Relations:  This committee is in charge of being in contact with our families throughout the year.  They plan family events, which include a theme, food, and games.  The families are all invited and the students get a chance to interact with the children as well as the parents.  Their main goal is to build strong relationships throughout the year and keep families updated with information about the large event.