Diverse Educational Opportunities

Venture Education
Venture Education programs promote a spirit of exploration and discovery through service-learning projects, study abroad, and May Term opportunities. These programs help students understand the increasingly interrelated and interdependent global village.

Service-learning programs allow student to live in another culture and work side-by-side with its people. The Diers Program offers opportunities in Ghana, Palestine, Tanzania, and multicultural settings within the United States. U.S. programs involve serving and learning in a Hispanic-American community in Denver, Colo., on a Navajo Reservation in Rock Point, Ariz., or through Bethel New Life in an African-American community in Chicago, Ill. Service-learning programs also operate in France, Jamaica, Mexico, and Switzerland.

Global and Multicultural Studies

Global and multicultural studies programs expose students to the multifaceted dimensions of the world. Wartburg encourages students to spend time in a cultural setting different from their own. The college offers a minor in intercultural certification that combines academic course work and experiences in another culture. American ethnic students and those from more than 25 countries add to the campus community’s diversity. More than a third of Wartburg faculty members have participated in cultural immersions and can share their experiences with students. The college also hosts visiting professors and speakers concerned with international and intercultural issues.

Study Abroad
Students who major in a language or language studies program are required to study abroad. They may spend a term or an academic year at the University of Grenoble in France, the Universities of Bonn and Jena in Germany, the University of Americas in Puebla, Mexico, or the Center for Cultural Studies in Seville, Spain. Non-language majors may opt to study abroad in English. Programs taught in English are available at Hangzhou University in Zhejiang, China; International Chirstian University in Tokyo, Japan; and Lancaster University in Lancaster, England.

Concert Tours
The Wartburg Choir, Castle Singers and Knightlighters Jazz Band, and Wind Ensemble schedule May Term concert tours abroad every three years. Students travel, perform, and earn academic credit by taking a liberal studies course, Tour with the Arts.

Wartburg College operates on a 4-4-1 calendar. Fall Term courses begin in September and conclude before Christmas. Winter Term courses start in January and finish in mid-April. A four-week May Term completes the year. Students typically take four courses during Fall and Winter Terms and one class during May Term. Many students spend at least one May Term Traveling the United States or abroad with a class or music group. The one-month term also provides many opportunities for field experiences and internships. On-campus May Term courses often involve short trips, special projects, and outdoor activities.

May Term Experiences
Wartburg’s one-month May Term is the college’s third annual semester, and it is required of all students. This special time of focused study is ideal for off-campus travel and scholarship. Faculty members accompany students on a variety of trips, including foreign language study in France, Germany, or Mexico; a literary tour of England; a tour of Reformation sites in Europe; and a landscape painting class in Italy. A class in Tanzania explores the culture, history, and environment of the Masai people. May Term in Guyana involves cultural studies, service projects, and exploration in a tropical rain forest. Other May Term courses are listed throughout the catalog.