Wartburg ID Card

ID Card

While you are at Wartburg College, your ID card will be one of your most valuable possessions. This all-purpose card is used for campus identification and a whole lot more!

With a Declining Balance Account, your ID card can be used to make purchases from the Bookstore, three dining locations, photocopy machines and printers in the Library, as well as other printers around campus, and Pepsi machines in the Student Center, CTC, and Library. All vending machines are capable of making cash and Declining Balance transactions.

  • Every time you use your Declining Balance account you receive a 10% discount, making this a great value.

Student ID cards are non-transferable and are intended for the sole use of the card holder. Because this card provides access to buildings, meal plans, and financial accounts, lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Dining Services Office. Lending this card to anyone, or altering it in any way, is a violation of college regulations and will result in disciplinary action.

Each student is provided with an ID Card upon entrance to Wartburg. There will be no cost for replacing damaged or worn cards or exchanging cards due to name changes. A $20 replacement fee will be charged, however, for lost or stolen cards.

Temporary Card
If your ID card has been lost or stolen, a temporary ID card can be purchased for $5. Temporary ID cards are valid for a one week time period, giving you time to find your card or have it replaced. These cards can only be used for dining, they are not valid for building access.

New Card
Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the Dining Services' office immediately to prevent anyone from charging services to your Wartburg account. Offices are open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Lost cards can also be reported at the Mensa checking station on weekends or after office hours. There is a $20 replacement fee for all new cards.