Sustainability & Support Local


Dining Service’s practices eco-friendly procedures, including composting and recycling. Composting is continual and year round; it involves the recycling of pre-consumer food waste, such as egg shells and melon rinds. Cooked foods, such as meats and fats, cannot be composted, because they can present challenges as they attract pests and disrupt of bacteria levels.  Dining Services is also very conscientious about recycling.  Every cardboard box, can, plastic container, and glass container are cleaned and recycled on a regular basis. In the dish room, soiled dishes are strategically loaded to save great amounts of water and electricity.  Other ways Dining Services saves on electricity are shutting off unused lights, the use of motion censored lights, as well as powering down computers overnight.

The Zesty Orange and Konditorei serves all organic coffee, with the exception of flavored coffees. The coffee comes from Alakef Roasters in Duluth, Minnesota, and is USDA certified organic and Kosher. Alakef is committed to sustainability and to being an eco-friendly company. Alakef’s Commitment to Sustainability: “For over two decades, Alakef Coffee has dedicated itself to bringing you the finest coffees available from countries around the world.” Some of Alakef’s sustainable habits include: the use of 100% recycled paper, cardboard packaging, and biodegradable packing peanuts. They also are large community supporters; they donate weekly to the homeless shelter. In 2012, they donated to over 40 charities, and donated unused computer laptops to local schools. Also in the year 2012, Alakef joined the Trees for the Future Project, and sponsored the plating of 4,047 trees! To find out more visit:

Wartburg Dining Services continually supports local and state suppliers. A Waverly local farmer raises natural bred beef, which dining has been purchasing for over five years. Not too far down the road is Shell Rock—where the honey comes from. The honey is used in Mensa, and in many recipes, one being Wartburg’s homemade granola. AE is a local dairy supplier. AE products come from Des Moines, Iowa.
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