Student Employment in Dining Services
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First-Year Students...  Don’t worry about needing your class schedule yet. We can access it through the registrar’s office and match it with openings we have available. All we need to know is that you want to work and we will take it from there.

If you're looking to earn a few extra spending dollars on campus or to earn money to go towards tuition, Dining Services has a job for you. We employ more than 10% of the student body which makes us the largest employer of students on campus.

All Wartburg dining operations:

  • Work around your class/activity schedule
  • Meet new people
  • Work at the operation of your choice
  • Work in a fun, friendly environment
  • Pay rate ($7.25 per hour) competitive with private businesses

For more information on all Dining Service job opportunities, contact Jan Hyde at (319)352-8407 or e-mail her at

At Wartburg you have an opportunity to work at a variety of dining operations:

  • Mensa (dining hall) - choose from servers, beverage suppliers, salad bar assistants, dessert presenters or dish room operators. Responsibilities and hours are scheduled for an entire term working around a student's class/activity schedule.
  • The Konditorei Coffeehouse - workers learn that service is the key to their operation and details make the difference
  • The Zesty Orange - meet a variety of people, learn cashiering and customer services as well as get your feet wet in food service
  • Special Events - include any meal that is served outside the normal college serving schedule. Most special events will be hosted in one of three rooms in Knight's Ballroom in the Student Center or various other locations on campus. Special Events employees serve as waiters and waitresses for parties, meetings, receptions and conventions where the college acts as host for special meals. Special Events students are assigned to work at events based on their availability.
  • Production -  If you enjoy being behind the scenes, a job in production is for you.  We have jobs in both the Kitchen and Bakery that provide an opportunity to meet with other students and also get to know our staff.  Students who work in these areas learn general production, receiving and sanitation skills as well as batch cooking.  If you like to get "into your work" you'll enjoy working in Production.

Student Manager Program
Dining Services provides ample opportunities for job advancement. Regular crew employees may apply for management positions with the completion of their first year of work in Dining Services. Through this program a student can progress from an Assistant Manager, whose job it is to support and assist the Manager, to a full Manager who is responsible for the supervision of all employees on their shift. Responsibilities include line set-ups, menu verification, supervision of other college and high school employees, job assignments for shifts and enforcement of house procedures.

If you are interested in applying for a management position, please contact one of our student employment coordinators: Jan Hyde or Tom Hubbard.

Long-Term Management Training Internship Program
Dining Services offers a management training internship program that involves increasing responsibility based on the participants’ interest and spans three years. The purpose of this program is to immerse students in an all encompassing business so they can see all aspects, from daily operations to being involved in long term goal setting, and learning the long term implications of daily activities and decisions.