Great Expectation Scholarships
Alumni, parents and friends are welcome to expand these scholarships with their gifts.  When making a gift, please designate which of the following scholarships the gift is supporting. 

Endowed Scholarships

Albert A. Aardal Physics Scholarship
John and Elsie Bachman Presidential Award
C. H. Becker Memorial Scholarship
Rev. Harold G. and Anne A. Aardal Becker Scholarship
Dr. G. Rudolph Bjorgan Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Gloria Campbell Scholarship
Dr. John O. Chellevold Mathematics Scholarship
Hilda A. Christophel Memorial Scholarship
Ross and Nelda DePue Scholarship Fund
Diers-Hofferman Endowed Scholarship
Glenn and Gail Fenneman Mathematics Education Scholarship
Eldora Flugga Scholarship
Walter J. Fredrick and Stephen E. Fredrick Scholarship
Margaret and Earl Garland Journalism Scholarship
Marion Gremmels Memorial Scholarship in Women’s Studies
Loreen and Henry Grube Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Ray Harms Memorial Scholarship
Ted Heine Accounting Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Mahlon H. Hellerich Scholarship
Dr. Elmer W. Hertel Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Mel Kramer Endowed Business Scholarship
C. Robert Larson Vocal Scholarship
Miriam and Buzz Levick Scholarship
Edwin Liemohn Music Scholarship
Perna Lohn Memorial Scholarship
Charles and Hertha Bieber Lutz Church Communications Scholarship
Dr. Hertbert and Esther Max Endowed Scholarship
Irene E. Meyers Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Muriel G. Moe Memorial Scholarship
Erna Moehl Endowed Scholarship for International Students
Carl Muench Scholarship
Norheim History Scholarship
Gerhard Ottersberg History Scholarship
Grant L. Price Scholarship
Donald S. Roiseland Physics Scholarship
Jack and Marietta Schemmel Education Scholarship
Harry and Polly Slife Minority Scholarship for Waterloo/Cedar Falls Students
Alf and Alice Swensen Scholarship
Professor A. W. Swensen Scholarship
Torkelson Piano Scholarship
Dr. Richard A. Walker Memorial Scholarship
Dr. August W. Waltmann Mathematics Education Scholarship
Bill and Carol Waltmann Endowed Scholarship 
Frank Williams Family Flute/Orchestra Scholarship
Kenton L. Zellmer Memorial Endowed Scholarship
John and Myrna Culbertson Endowed Scholarship
W. G. and Marion M. Fruehling Endowed Scholarship Fund
Oppermann Family Scholarship
Janet Welsch Striepe Endowed Scholarship
Simon, Ovida and Tiffany Estes Endowed Scholarship
Pastor Larry Trachte Thanksgiving Scholarship

Annually Funded Scholarships

Emma M. Engelbrecht Scholarship 
Simon, Ovida and Tiffany Estes Annually Funded Scholarship 
William E. Hamm Leadership Scholarship 
J. Robert Loslo Theatre Scholarship 
Sam and Marilyn Michaelson English Scholarship 
Jack R. Ohle "First Opportunity" Scholarship 
Duane Schroeder Memorial Annually Funded Scholarship  
Lester and Fran Zelle Scholarship 
Barbara B. and Warren T. Zemke African Student Scholarship 

Great Expectation Scholarships

Dr. Ray and Gracia Harms Great Expectations Scholarship
Haugen/Kvittem-Barr Great Expectations Scholarship
J. Robert and Joan Loslo Great Expectations Scholarship
Dr. Albert Riep Great Expectations Scholarship

To learn more about adding to these Wartburg Faculty and Staff scholarships, call the Wartburg Development Office at (866) 219-9115 or (319) 352-8495, or e-mail