Gift Opportunities

Our development officers can help you determine where your interests and the needs of the college may intersect in ways that will be mutually beneficial. All gifts and commitments made to the college during Transforming Tomorrow will be included in the comprehensive campaign total.

Annual Giving
Strong Annual Gifts impact all areas of the student experience at Wartburg, helping the college:

Recruit and retain outstanding faculty 
Wartburg continues to emphasize small classes and individual attention from highly qualified professors. More than 100 full-time faculty members are vital to Wartburg’s recognition as one of the best Midwestern colleges and one of 200 schools in the country identified as a “Top College for Science.”

Enhance the teaching and learning environment
If you’re trying to keep up with technology in your business or home, think about the challenge of creating a campus-wide technology environment responsive to the needs of today’s students. Annual gifts support this effort.

Expand opportunities for experiential learning
Since the Wartburg West program began in Denver, Colo., more than 20 years ago, the college has developed hands-on learning opportunities throughout the curriculum. These experiences help students clarify career paths, connect classroom learning to concrete situations, and enhance their resumes for employment or graduate school.

Support co-curricular activities
Involvement is a hallmark of the Wartburg student experience. Students are active and engaged in campus organizations, campus ministry, music, and athletics. They learn important lessons in leadership, teamwork, and time management through their co-curricular activities. The Annual Fund helps support these endeavors.

Annual Gifts can also support the following areas of the college:

Academic & Program Support
Your support can make a difference for many of the academic programs that distinguish a Wartburg education.

Global and Multicultural Studies
Wartburg encourages students to spend time in a cultural setting different from their own. The college also hosts visiting professors and speakers concerned with international and intercultural issues. The cost of   travel and living expenses is a significant factor in these programs and sometimes prevents students from participating. Donor funding could enhance global and multicultural study for a greater number of students and ensure sustainability for a wide variety of programs. 

A $2 million grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc., created the Discovering and Claiming Our Callings Initiative, which helps students find meaning and purpose in their lives and their work. As part of this effort, the college has created the Center for Community Engagement to bring together a variety of programs connected with vocational discernment, community service, and outreach. As a result, Wartburg is one of only 62 institutions in the country identified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as “community engaged colleges and universities.” A recent $500,000 grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc., will help ensure the future of these programs and requires a $500,000 match from the college.

Student and faculty research
Education at Wartburg is increasingly focused on student-faculty research, supporting student research efforts, collaborative research among students and faculty, and special faculty research projects that enhance the academic environment for students. Donors with a particular interest in research may find opportunities in this area.

Leadership and civic engagement
The Wartburg Institute for Leadership Education provides formal and informal opportunities for students to discover their own leadership potential, examine issues facing their communities, and learn about the obligations of citizens to contribute to community welfare and growth. The Leadership Minor is acknowledged on the student’s transcript and involves course work, critical reflection on leadership, and involvement in community outreach. A High School Leadership Workshop engages high school students in leadership education and pairs them with Wartburg student mentors to complete service projects in their communities.

Wartburg supports the concept of a socially, culturally, and economically diverse student body and provides financial aid to more than 98 percent of its students. Scholarships help Wartburg attract top students and make a Wartburg education feasible for students from all segments of society. Annually funded and endowed scholarships free up institutional funds for other critical needs and create a bond between donors and current students. Donors are invited to meet their recipients at an annual scholarship luncheon.

Annually funded scholarships
Donors commit an annual gift of $2,500 or more, which is awarded in its entirety to a deserving student or students. Donors can name their scholarship(s) and suggest award criteria. Some scholarships are targeted to students with specific interests. Others are designated for any student with financial need. 

Endowed scholarships
These scholarships allow the donor to create a permanent legacy through a gift to the college’s endowment. Earnings from the gift create a never-ending scholarship. Donors have named endowed scholarships for family members, respected professors, and mentors. Some donors have designated their scholarships for students from a specific geographic area or in a specific major. Endowed scholarships require a minimum gift of $50,000, which can be made in a lump sum or over a five-year period.

 Great Expectations Scholarships
These unique scholarships foster a sense of philanthropy while helping students attain their educational goals. Recipients are encouraged to gift back the amount of their Great Expectations Scholarship over several years as a way of encouraging their own stewardship and perpetuating the scholarship for the next generation. Great Expectations Scholarships require an investment of $50,000 from the initial donor.

Scholarships Named in Honor or Memory of Wartburg Faculty & Staff
Alumni, parents and friends are welcome to expand these scholarships with their gifts.  When making a gift, please designate which of the following scholarships the gift is supporting. 

Endowed chairs and professorships
Endowed chairs and professorships help the college engage outstanding faculty to continue the rich heritage of personalized teaching and learning so valued by students and alumni. Leadership gift opportunities for new chairs and professorships may include, but are not limited to, Lutheran heritage, history, and liberal arts.