Great Expectation Scholarships
Great Expectations is a unique scholarship program that seeks to not only impact a student’s life by providing financial support, but also by encouraging a sense of philanthropy and engaging the student in a partnership that extends the benefit to future generations. With a gift of at least $50,000, payment of which may be made over a multi-year period, donors can establish a Great Expectations scholarship in their name or in honor of a loved one.

The students fortunate enough to receive these important awards are encouraged to “give back,” and their future gifts help to sustain the scholarships once the donors’ original gifts have been exhausted. Thus, not only does your Great Expectations scholarship help to make a Wartburg education affordable for students, it also helps to create a generation of future donors as those students-turned-alumni are encouraged to “pay it forward.”

To learn more about creating your Great Expectations scholarship, call the Wartburg Development Office at (866) 219-9115 or (319) 352-8495, or e-mail