Endowed Scholarships

An endowment fund protects the principal gift and uses only a portion of the investment earnings each year to provide scholarship support. Since the principal remains intact, donors can create a legacy that will endure for generations to come. With a gift of at least $50,000, payment of which can be spread over a period of years, donors may establish an endowed scholarship in their name or in honor of a loved one, and donors may also suggest the award selection criteria. Creating an endowed scholarship also entitles donors to recognition in the Heritage Society.

Generous outright and estate gifts have increased Wartburg’s endowment to $49 million, providing equivalent funding to meet about six percent of the College’s annual commitment to financial aid. Imagine what could happen if our scholarship endowment reached $500 million, the level necessary to generate annual investment earnings to meet 100% of Wartburg’s financial aid budget. Such a scenario would permanently enable the College to meet the financial need of deserving students.

Possible endowment gift levels include:

Full Tuition Scholarship
One-Half Tuition Scholarship
Minimum for an endowed scholarship

To learn more about creating your endowed scholarship, call the Wartburg Development Office at (866) 219-9115 or (319) 352-8495, or e-mail development.office@wartburg.edu.