Public Scholarship Grants

Care Management for Elder Latinos
Investigator: Laura Peterson
Advisor: Prof. Lynn Peters

This project will assess the current utilization of care management and home care by Latino elders and their families living in the Hispanic community of South St. Paul, Minnesota, and their satisfaction with the services. It will attempt to identify specific ways in which these services need to be altered to better fit the needs of this population. 
Comunidades Latinas Unidos En Servicio (CLUES), primary provider of social and support services to this community in Minnesota has agreed to host this study and assist with its implementation.

Project Complete; Data shared with partners

Measuring Social Capital in Waverly, IA.
Investigators: Drs. Janice Yee and Scott Fullwiler
Students: Stacey Ehlinger and Karie Just

The purpose of this project is to measure the degree of social capital within the city of Waverly. This study in turn will provide community leaders with a better understanding of the issues relevant to the city’s current population. The project will use a questionnaire and statistical analysis.

Project Complete; Dr. Yee and a student to present at the conference “Community-  University Partnerships: How Do We Achieve the Promise,” University of Massachusetts—Lowell, April 26 – 27 , 2007

Waverly Transportation Study
Investigator: Dr. Tammy Faux
Student:  Lauren Vincent

There is a need to develop a transportation system in the Waverly community to assist elderly and disabled adults in accessing community services. This project is intended to lay the foundation for conducting a community transportation needs assessment during Fall 2006.

Project Complete; Data presented to community partners

Single-Sex Classroom Study
Investigators: Dr. Cheryl Budlong and Katie Leners

This study will identify whether or not changes in attitudes towards school and self esteem have occurred among students in the single sex classrooms at Cunningham Elementary in Waterloo.

Project is on-going

Latino Religious Life in the Cedar Valley
Investigator: Jessi LeClear
Advisors: Drs. Tom Boerigter and Lake Lambert

Iowa continues to see an increased amount of Spanish speaking immigrants each year. 
The purpose of this project is to investigate the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area, compared to comparable communities, to determine whether there are adequate worship and religious life opportunities for Spanish speakers.

Project is on-going; LeClear to present at the Upper Midwest Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion in April 2007.

Domestic Violence and Education
Investigator: Paige Chorpening
Advisor:  Dr. Shaheen Munir

In partnership with Assault Care Center (ACCESS), which serves Story and Boone Counties in Iowa, this project seeks to determine the number of women who receive services from this agency that desire to continue their education by either completing GED or going on to receive some type of higher education.

Project Complete; Data presented to community partners

College Choices
Investigators:  Drs. Peter Nash and Cynthia Bane
Students:  Rocio Ayard Ochoa and Nicole Erspamer

This project uses collaborative opinion research to benefit Waterloo Community Schools, African American and Latino community groups in Waterloo, and Wartburg College.  Using a survey instrument and focus groups, the project will study the impressions and value of higher education among Waterloo middle school students and their parents.  Special attention will be devoted to the relationship of faith and educational goals.

Project complete; Data sent to community partners