Office of Student Field Experiences

The Office of Student Field Experiences, a division of the Education Department, works to meet the needs of undergraduate education majors. The office is responsible for identifying and assigning education candidates their field placements and clinical experiences and is responsible for maintaining records of candidate work in each placement.

General Information
Placement Process (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Student Information
Student Information/Contract (PDF) 
Student FE Placement Sign-up
Student Evaluation of FE
School Listings and Maps

Teacher Information
Teacher Brochure (PDF)
Teacher Field Experience Sign-up
License Renewal Credit (DOC)

Field Experience Options

Teacher Education Policy and Field Experience Manual (PDF)
The Teacher Education Policy and Field Experience Manual serves as a guide for education students as they proceed through the Teacher Education Program at Wartburg College. The manual outline the goals, requirements, and responsibilities of the education student as they move toward program completion and ultimately their initial teaching license. 

- ED 221
- MA312
- Misc.



Arrangements with field experience teacher must be made by Sept 18.

Midterms are due Oct. 29.
Turn in to Mandie Sanderman or your professor.

Final evaluations and logs
 are due Dec. 11.