Find the Right Major For You

How do you choose a major? 
Ultimately the only one who can choose the right major for you is you! However, there are many support services on campus which can facilitate this process.  Pathways Center consultants can educate you about every major offered at Wartburg and how they can fit with your personal/professional goals.

Connect Majors with Your Passions - Vocation Programs
How do you make your major meaningful? It is important that you find a career that enriches your life.  We have a number of valuable resources, “link” to help you understand first-hand how your major is meaningful and what you can do with a major once you leave Wartburg.

How and when do you declare a major? 
You declare your major by completing the Declaration of Major form. Your adviser can assist you with filling the form out and they must sign it.  If you wish to change majors and thus need a new adviser, you need to inform the Registrar's Office. Pathways Center consultants can assist you in every step of deciding on a major.

Although there is not a specific deadline for declaring a major, it is recommended that the sooner one does the better.  Typically midway through your second year your adviser will encourage you to begin a serious consideration of what major you want to choose.

The Pathways Center Resource Library houses print and electronic resources to help you explore career/major opportunities throughout your college years.

Interests & Personality

Work Values & Skills

What Can I Do With Certain Majors?

Inventory Options

Career Services has a variety of interest inventories and various materials to help you pinpoint your interests and possible corresponding career choices. Some popular options include:

Choices® Planner helps students compare, connect and choose from work and education network options and build a career plan. Select college student, first-time user.

Strong Interest Inventory (SII) - recognize work or learning environments that fit your interests and may lead to a satisfying career choice. This inventory takes 35-40 minutes to complete. A follow-up appointment with Career Services is required.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) - examine your preferences for taking in information, making decisions, and other personality descriptors. Learn how to identify criteria for career satisfaction, work-related strengths, and potential blind spots. A follow-up appointment with Career Services is required.