Hire Liberal Arts Students

Hire Wartburg Liberal Arts Students
Career Services at Wartburg serves 1800+ students within more than 50 undergraduate majors and minors. Students develop distinct and relevant skills employers seek within a liberal arts learning environment.  
They included the ability to:

  • work through multi-faceted problems
  • organize complex information into manageable steps
  • solve problems creatively, challenging "business as usual"
  • work hard to meet high professional standards
  • recognize the dynamics, culture or issues that could affect a group or relationship
  • adapt easily to changing situations or environments

Our priority at Wartburg is to develop and maintain a mutually-beneficial recruiting relationship with you. We look forward to helping you connect with talented students and alumni from Wartburg College.

Hiring International Students
By completing a course of study at Wartburg, these students demonstrate a wide variety of skills. They are completely bilingual, and many speak multiple languages; they have adapted to life in another culture; they have excelled academically, and have lived independently. They possess a sense of determination and are driven to build workplace skills and succeed at the highest levels. We encourage you to consider hiring these students for internship and full-time positions.  

International students are eligible for internships (pre- or post-graduation), or short-term employment (up to a year) with virtually no requirements placed upon the employer. With a little more effort and minimal expense, employers may hire international students for up to six years (in three-year blocks).  

If your organization values human differences as an asset, works to sustain a culture that reflects the interests, contributions, and perspectives of members of diverse groups, then consider hiring Wartburg College graduates.  Here are a few quick facts about Wartburg students:

  • Geographical representation: 29 U.S. states and a record 49 countries (including the USA)
  • ŸDiversity: 204 U.S. students of color and 129 international students - 18.4% of total enrollment
  • Ratio of men to women: 47% to 53%
  • Students involved in music: Approximately 450
  • Students involved in athletics: Nearly 600