Scripture Resources
God is still speaking! Listen through Scripture

The Bible isn’t simply an ancient text full of strange stories, it’s a living Word that God uses to speak to us today.

But you can’t hear what God is saying without listening.
God created all of us with antenna that can pick up God’s signal. Regular Bible reading and listening is the way we “tune” into what God is saying. The more you listen the stronger the broadcast signal becomes.

Ready to get started? 
Here are two simple commitments that will help you “tune in”…

  • Daily: Spend time listening to God speak to you personally by reading from the Bible. Here are some sites that offer daily Bible readings. Access them on line or have them emailed to you each day.
  • Weekly : Spend time with a community listening to God. So, gather your friends or neighbors to do a weekly Bible Study. If you’d like help getting a group started please email or call (x8388) the campus ministry office.

But how do I do it?
There are many ways to listen to God through scripture and many ways to read the Bible. You probably have learned about some of these different hermeneutics (ways of reading scripture) in class.

But remember that the Bible is a living Word. That means that God is doing something to us when we spend time in the Word. Scripture is “the way we make ourselves available to God”* so that God can transform us and invite us into God’s mission to bless the world. In other words, reading scripture isn’t just about information…it’s about transformation.

There are many Bible Study curriculums that can help you listen to God, but the best curriculum is your life. Here are some questions that can help you connect your life and what God is saying to you through reading scripture

Scripture Discernment Questions
As you read scripture ask these questions #

  • What do you think God is doing here?
    • What’s going on in this reading?
    • What’s the context of the story?
    • What’s God up to?
    • What’s the plot of the story?
    • Who are the people and what are they up to?
  • What do you hear God saying to you personally?
    • What is God saying to you about your life, relationships, etc.?
    • What is God saying about what you’re called to be or do?
  • What do you hear God saying to us?
    • What is God saying to us as a community? A community is any group of people you belong to. Your friends, your residence hall floor, Wartburg College, your local community, our Nation.
    • How is God challenging, comforting, directing, forgiving and loving us in this reading?
    • What is God saying about what we’re called to be or do?

Additional Resources

  • Bible Gateway: Multiple online versions of the Bible.
  • Oremus Bible Browser: New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.
  • The Book of Faith: Is an initiative of the ELCA aimed at increasing Biblical literacy and fluency. There are some great Bible Studies, discussion of different ways of reading scripture and much more.
  • Enter the Bible: is a free new biblical study resource from Luther Seminary. If you want to know more about the Bible, this is a great place to start.
  • Follow the Rabbi: Similar to “Enter the Bible”, this resource from the National Association of Evangelicals focuses on the culture of Jesus.
  • Bible Tutor: Assess your Bible knowledge with this free on line resource.
  • God Pause: Daily devotions from Luther Seminary.
  • Bible Translation Differences: A short article explaining how different versions of the Bible are translated.
  • Dr. Bouzard’s Bible resource site has many more helpful links

*Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline.
# Adapted from Kelly Fryer’s book “No Experience Necessary”.