Small Groups & Bible Study

College is a unique opportunity for spiritual exploration and growth. Wherever you are in your faith journey there are opportunities for you at Wartburg. Sometimes these conversations happen late at night with friends, but it can also be helpful to get connected with others with different perspectives.


Exploring Groups
Exploring groups typically meet every other week and are lead by trained student facilitators. They are a great way to ask questions in a safe and supportive environment and only last six weeks so there isn’t a big commitment.

Some Exploring groups are Bible Study oriented while others use a DVD curriculum like Nooma to get the conversation rolling. If you need help in figuring what group would be best for you contact Pastor Brian.

The Way of Jesus: Living the Faith
The Way of Jesus is focused on making disciples who connect their faith (beliefs) and actions (daily life). Participants meet weekly and everyone is welcome to participate regardless of faith background or experience. Students who want to be leaders in the Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry community are strongly encouraged to participate.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact Pastor Brian.