Social Entrepreneurship Minor

The Wartburg College Social Entrepreneurship Minor helps mold the skills needed to improve leadership and business skills, foster creativity, create social change, and develop relationships in a community. It allows students to be involved in social and environmental awareness through civic engagement to address social problems in sustainable, innovative ways. Students will be able to assess the social impact of the organizations they work with and lead changes that enable the organizations to be more effective

The program aims to attract, foster and grow a new type of organizational leader who is committed to changing the way social problems are addressed by finding sustainable practices to address some of society's most challenging problems.

The minor in Social Entrepreneurship requires 7-8 course credits, in addition to developing a Social Enterprise Plan.

Leadership, Innovation & Creativity (2cc)

• LS 115 Exploring Elements of Leadership
• BA 247 Personal Creativity and Innovation in Organizations
Current Issues in Sport - motivation, leadership, team intervention strategies

Management & Organizational Behavior (1cc)

• BA 377 Non-Profit Management and Social Entrepreneurship

Awareness of Social and/or Environmental Issues (choose 2)

• SW 230 Community Theory & Practice
• SW 300 Social Policy
• SO 270 Social Problems
• SO 302 Communities
• RE 215 Contemporary Moral Problems : Racism & Poverty
• RE 355 Ethics in Economic Life
• PS 290 Environmental Politics
• PS 310 Policy Formation
• PS 207 State and Local Government
• BI 204 Conservation of Natural Resources
• BI 206 Ecology of Guyana and Trinidad
• CA 348 Integrated Marketing Communication
• EC 295 Special Topics (Economics of Peace and Conflict, Economics of India)
• BA 418 Social Capital Markets– Finance for Social and Environmental Impact

Developing & Executing the Social Enterprise Plan (1-2 cc)

• Choose one course from the following two courses:

• BA 447 Entrepreneurship
• BA 240 Social Venture Planning (.5 cc)
• LS 371 or Approved Social Entrepreneurship Internship with approved organization or project (see pro-gram director, minimum .5cc)
Social Enterprise plan (PDF)