Department Faculty
Justin Crouse
Justin Crouse
Assistant Professor of Accounting
B.A., Wartburg College
M.B.A., Iowa State University
Office: WBC 104
Phone: (319) 352-8719

Gloria Campbell
Gloria Campbell
Associate Professor in Business
B.A., M.A., M.B.A., University of Northern Iowa
Office: WBC 107
Phone: (319) 352-8229

Allan Bernard
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
D.B.A., Metropolitan State University (expected 2015)
M.B.A., Metropolitan State University, 2004
B.A., University of Minnesota, 1987
Office: WBC 111
Phone: (319) 352-8485

Timothy Ewest
Dr. Timothy Ewest
Associate Professor of Business Administration
B.A., Crown College
M.A. Wheaton College Graduate School
M.B.A., Ph.D., George Fox University
Office: WBC 102
Phone: (319) 352-8416

Kimberly Folkers
Kimberly Folkers
Associate Professor and Hagemann Professor of Marketing
B.A., University of Northern Iowa
M.I.M., College of St. Thomas
Office: WBC 106
Phone: (319) 352-8424

Dr. Scott T. Fullwiler
Dr. Scott T. Fullwiler
Associate Professor of Economics and
James A. Leach Chair in Banking and Monetary Economics
B.A., Ph.D., University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Office: WBC 109
Phone: (319) 352-8452
Tamrat W. Gashaw
Assistant Professor of Economics
B.S. Alemaya University (Ethiopia), 2000
M.A., Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia) 2005
M.A., Western Michigan University, 2008
Ph.D., Western Michigan University, 2012

WBC 103
Phone: (319) 352-8428

John Haugen
John Haugen
Assistant Professor of Accounting
B.A., Concordia College (Minn.)
B.S.B.A., C.P.A., M.S., University of North Dakota
Office: WBC 105
Phone: (319) 352-8419

Susan Meyeraan
Susan Meyeraan
Associate Professor in Business Administration, Chair, Business Administration, Accounting & Economics
B.B.A., M.B.A., M.A. University of Iowa
Office: WBC 108
Phone: (319) 352-8315


Emeriti Faculty:

  • Paul Magnall, Professor Emeritus (1983-2012)
  • John Haugen, Professor Emeritus (1979-2015)
  • Dr. Melvin Kramer (1956-1996)
  • Dr. William Shipman (1977-2001)