Student Research & Activities

Biology Students at Wartburg College have many opportunities to conduct research. Students can work with individual faculty on projects related to a faculty member's research interests. Students can work a few hours a week with a professor to "learn the ropes," even in the first year! Upper class students can receive academic course credit through BI 450, Independent Study or students can apply for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship wherein they can work with a faculty member during the summer or academic year.

An integral part of the Biology major is the opportunity for students to propose and carry out a research project in their junior or senior year in BI 455-456. During the first term, students research the topic, write a research proposal and determine equipment needs and a budget for the project. During the second term, they conduct the research, prepare a manuscript, and present a poster of their research on campus at Wartburg's RICE Day. Students may also present their data at off-campus venues.

Beta Beta Beta Honor Society
Beta Beta Beta Biology Society admits students with a B average in at least three biology courses. Those with an interest in biology can become associate members. The honor society organizes community service projects, attends professional presentations, and sponsors social events.

Off-Campus Research 
In recent years, biology majors have had the opportunity to conduct research at University of California at Berkley, University of Iowa, Iowa State University, University of Minnesota Hormel Institute, University of Missouri, the Mayo Clinic, the Minnesota Zoo, and several state natural resources departments to name a few.

Paper & Poster Presentations

Faculty Research